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WA state lawmaker pulls ‘duty to retreat’ bill, cites threats

- by - January 19, 2013 - 00:49 America/New_York - 2 Comments

She’s a Dhimmie, so of course any opposition voiced to her idea is a “threat”…

Read full article: WA state lawmaker pulls ‘duty to retreat’ bill, cites threats


  1. Nutjob

    January 19th, 2013

    Doesn’t she realize that law is already in place in places like DC, Chicago, New York etc…..where you can’t defend yourself with a gun because you’re not allowed one and you have to retreat.

    Now I’m sure if she passed a “duty to stop pursueing robbing, raping or mugging laws”, the criminals will obey them and cease their felonous ways.

    Can these numbnuts get any dumber?

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  2. KF

    January 19th, 2013

    Anyone who lives in a Democrat state should be aware that they are possibly in a “duty to retreat” state. Although these existing Duty To Retreat laws have not yet been put to the test legally, considering the anti-gun hysteria by the Democrat-media complex I expect some poor guy to be sacpegoated ala saint Trayvon and “white Hispanic” victim.

    NY, NJ, CT and PA are currently Duty To Retreat states. Check your local & state ordinances.

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