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Using Cultural Technology in the Culture War

- by - January 13, 2013 - 23:16 America/New_York - 3 Comments

Sultan Knish offers a weighty read, but he explains how the left succeeds in brainwashing the masses via mass media.

Read full article: Using Cultural Technology in the Culture War


  1. Unruly Refugee

    January 14th, 2013

    Good post, good website. I can relate to programming. The “anti-virus” for me is iOTW.

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  2. Dagney

    January 14th, 2013

    Yes, that article is awesome; I’ve read it yesterday.

    Yes, Unruly, iotw and banrhardt and market-ticker and all the Scriptures, and everything related to LIFE — from the stars in the sky to the mountain, even a wild ride on a motorbike.

    When will the Cultural war translate into a natural war? The virtual war into an actual war.

    Is it bad if I’m hoping for an actual war? Am I losing it? Or is it natural, given the actual situation?

    What about you, do you wish for the WAR to become hot soon?

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  3. Dagney

    January 14th, 2013

    bitterclinger is posting awesome links.

    thank you sir.

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