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Promotion of Cannibalism and Prevention of Lice Authority-u r

- by - January 29, 2013 - 06:16 America/New_York - 5 Comments

islam has evolved into the religion of cannibals. Egypt is now promoting the eating of enemies and apostates in school curriculum.

“Al-Azhar finds their support for cannibalism in Islamic authority. According to Al-Shafie, who is considered to be the founder of Islamic jurisprudence:

One may eat the flesh of a human body. It is not allowed to kill a Muslim nor a free non-Muslim under Muslim rule (because he is useful for the society), nor a prisoner because he belongs to other Muslims. But you may kill an enemy fighter or an adulterer and eat his body (716 in volume 1, Al-Kortoby)

And where did Obama give his 2009 speech in Egypt, which empowered the Muslim Brotherhood? Al-Azhar.”

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  1. thirdtwin

    January 29th, 2013

    James Bradley, author of “Flags of Our Fathers”, has written a book called “Flyboys”, about some American airmen who were shot down trying to bomb a Japanese radio outpost on Chichi Jima, Iwo’s litle neighbor. The Japanese ate several of them, and Bush 41 narrowly escaped becoming dinner there. The incident was so horrendous to our sensibilities that details of the resulting secret war crimes trial were sealed for 50 years. Japanese soldiers also ate Australian soldiers and New Guineans, referring to their flesh as “white pig” and “black pig”.

    This is an Asian thing, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that Arab Muslims endorse cannibalism. It also would not surprise me if Barkah partook of some human flesh as a child. That might explain the flies, among other things.

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  2. caroleigh

    January 29th, 2013

    Yes …….it’s a good idea. But is is halal ?
    there could be a big payoff. A great set up for Huntington’s chorea a terrible incurable disease attained from eating people. . Might be the cure for the Muslim problem.

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  3. conservative cowgirl

    January 29th, 2013

    So, can we call it the religion of peas now? A side of peas with that grilled “white meat”. Just when I think I’ve read about the worst of islime, I read something that tops the previous horror story.

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  4. bitterclinger

    January 29th, 2013

    Worf might not be Egyptian, but I’d still keep my fingers away from her.

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    April 5th, 2013

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