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MSM Turns America’s Nanny Dog into Killing Machines – Dr. Tar

- by - February 3, 2013 - 18:34 America/New_York - 3 Comments

For most of the 114 years since the American pitbull terrier was first recognized by the United Kennel Club, the breed was rightly seen as the perfect “nanny dog” for children because of its friendly nature, loyalty and stability. As the ASPCA notes, the pitbulls were “once considered especially non-aggressive to people.”

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  1. RosalindJ

    February 3rd, 2013

    Sorry Dr Tar. I would never harm an animal. But I wouldn’t hesitate one bit to put it down if that were needed.

    “We have tragically betrayed our children’s beloved nanny-dogs, raising them irresponsibly, training them to be aggressive and then turning them into pariahs when they behave as any dog would in similar circumstances”

    What do you mean ‘we’, white man?

    Seriously. The nanny-dog was a more or less successful PR campaign to convince people to be less afraid of them. I will never have one around my grandchildren.


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  2. RosalindJ

    February 3rd, 2013

    I need to clarify that I would never mistreat an animal, since by definition putting one down would be harming it.

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  3. Menderman

    February 3rd, 2013

    “they have been a favorite of dog-fighters for a century, pitbulls weren’t originally bred for fighting”

    but they have been bred to fight for a century, and the breed has been ruined. I suppose that in a century, Labrador retrivers could be bred to be agressive, but they have not been.

    Most Pitbulls toay are dangerous dogs…not all, but most are, just as most labs run to a tennis ball and beg you to throw it, most Pit bulls attack.

    I have had to fight off a pit bull bare handed…

    Bad people have ruined the breed.

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