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Meet the Man Who Had Sex with a Dolphin (and Wrote a Book About It)

- by - January 7, 2013 - 20:34 America/New_York - 5 Comments

“The book, which he self-published, has gotten him fired from jobs and ended relationships…
Brenner describes sex acts with various animals (including his dog) with the same level of calm most people use to tell you what they had for breakfast. And when he speaks of Dolly, the dolphin he had sex with while submerged underwater in 1971, you can see in his eyes that he can still see her, as if she is right there in front of him….”

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  1. reddecaesari

    January 7th, 2013

    read this book.
    title “the fish that got away”

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  2. Nutjob

    January 7th, 2013

    Wonder if he realized Flipper was a male and the reason he smelled like shit instead of tuna afterwards?

    Obama voter definately!

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  3. RosalindJ

    January 8th, 2013

    This is what you get when mixing The Frankfurt School’s ‘philosophy’ of child empowerment, which I call flat-out sexual abuse, drugs and an untethered people.


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  4. Brice Cardell

    February 15th, 2013

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  5. Albert Ratigan

    March 4th, 2013

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