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Illinois Gun Ban Vote Set For Sunday

- by - January 5, 2013 - 13:21 America/New_York - 4 Comments

Sneaky Illinois gun grabbers attach failed senate legislation to SB2899. A probation and probation officer act as HOUSE Amendment 001 because “…of the urgent need to protect the public safety from firearm violence.” Vote is set for Sunday 1/6.

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  1. Nutjob

    January 5th, 2013

    I hope the legislators who proposed or support this get robbed in their own homes.

    I also hope someone from Illinois prints these same bozos home addresses and distributes them on flyers in the ghetto area of town.

    No sense in a senseless robbery going wrong, when they can rob an unarmed legislators house…….then everyone can be happy.

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  2. old_oaks

    January 5th, 2013

    It makes me sick what they’re trying to do, and for the reason why.

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  3. parker

    January 6th, 2013

    I see it was sponsored by 5 flaming liberals ,all from crooked county IL.
    I agree with Oaks, it,s extremely sickening.

    Vote is 11am today.

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  4. Nutjob

    January 6th, 2013

    Anyone have an update on the Crook County gun ban vote?

    Even if it passes, wouldn’t it be an illegal law, being Illinois just got sued and lost via their supreme court that said homeowners can own and posess a gun giving them so many days to come up with a CC program?

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