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GAWKER Posts Full List of All “Asshole” NYC Licensed Gun Owners

- by - January 8, 2013 - 21:02 America/New_York - 8 Comments

In the aftermath of Sandy Hook, the Journal News in upstate New York published a map with the addressees of all gun permit holders in Westchester, Rockland, and Putnam. The nation was rightly outraged at this violation of basic privacy, and the threat implicit in the publication.
Just in case that was too subtle, Gawker has now published a complete list of every licensed gun owner in New York City. The headline? “Here Is a List of All the Assholes Who Own Guns in New York City.”

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  1. Nutjob

    January 8th, 2013

    Why not do citizens or taxpayers a favor and post the addresses of felons or felons who committed crimes or crimes with a gun? Or are you scared of printing the names of REAL criminals…you cowards.

    Oh thats right, the ACLU would sue.

    I think the text sent by the representative for their district said it best “today they are getting a taste of their poisonous cake”
    Wow, liberals don’t seem to like what they spew coming back at them.

    Honest taxpaying legal citizens have had enough, you tards and the current POTUS have divided the country enough and people are taking a stand……..bring it…..but as usual they run and hide behind ARMED GUARDS….freaking hypocrite morons.

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  2. Boobie the Rocket Dog

    January 9th, 2013

    Don’t those jerks get it? They’re endangering their FRIENDS, not their enemies. If I lived in NY, I’d PAY to get on that list, as insurance.

    How can all this backfire? Let me count the ways . . .

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  3. Boobie the Rocket Dog

    January 9th, 2013

    @ Nutjob- The ACLU would no more have a case for the scenario you suggest than they do now.

    Good idea though.

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  4. Boobie the Rocket Dog

    January 9th, 2013


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  5. even steven

    January 9th, 2013

    How about a list of all federal government employees who’ve been issued firearms? Or how about a list of all the takers on welfare and food stamps? A list of anyone ever convicted of DUI might be useful, too.

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  6. Bad Brad

    April 10th, 2013

    The Gawker assholes would be easy to identify. We need to stop sitting on our hands. They have declared war on us. It’s getting close people.

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  7. sharing

    April 18th, 2013

    r u sure that is definitely correct?

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  8. mbt store

    August 16th, 2013

    The Sudatenland Germans were another matter; they eagerly awaited annexation by Hitler.

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