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So Many Typos, So Little Time

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Given how error prone Congress seems to be with every piece of major legislation (according to Jonathan Gruber anyway), Sean Davis proposes more reinterpretations of Congress’s intent.

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Jihad Magazine Publishes Its First Swimsuit Issue

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Daily Rash

swimsuit Al Qaeda Jihad Magazine Inspire Publishes Its First Swimsuit Issue

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Get Your Motor Runnin’

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Feds pay nearly $3K monthly rent to house poor in luxury Chicago apartments

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Did you catch that? LUXURY.

The CHA tenants spent most of their time hanging around the pool and causing a ruckus. None of them had jobs, even though one of the goals of this ludicrously expensive program was to place people closer to where there are more jobs.

Marathon Pundit

Always believe your spouse.

My wife told me that a friend of hers lived in a very expensive apartment, the Aqua Tower, in downtown Chicago that included Section 8 housing tenants. I thought she was mistaken.

And at least in Chicago, the options are for some people damned good. Much better than your humble blogger who works about 50 hours a week and is just getting by.

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In case of hurricane- Illegals to be rescued first, then citizens

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“Before the public gets their mandatory evacuation, the plan is to get all these unaccompanied women and children out of the Valley and to safer ground,” said Goldsmith.


Emergency Managers Are Concerned About Bad Weather and Illegal Immigrants

MCALLEN – Rio Grande Valley Emergency Management officials are concerned that the large amount of people here illegally may pose a dangerous situation in the event severe weather like a hurricane threatens the Valley.

People who cross the border illegally have long been part of conversation in law enforcement circles.

But now, emergency managers in McAllen have questions of their own, in the event of a hurricane.

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Tired of waking up to Muslim Call To Prayer on loudspeakers in the middle of the night, Jews mount an aural counterattack.

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Jews all over Israel find themselves routinely harassed by noise pollution from Muslim neighborhoods in recent years. This less-known “intifada” by Arabs involves fitting loudspeakers on minarets in mosques – which for centuries made do with unamplified muezzin calls for prayer.

The Jerusalem Municipality reportedly embarked on a process to investigate and limit the noise pollution by local mosques…

See the video of the counterattack at the “more” link below.



Why is pregnancy a disability?

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The Lonely Conservative

We’re All Disabled Now

OK, maybe the headline exaggerates just a little bit, but it isn’t so much of a stretch when you consider that the Obama administration is working to turn has turned pregnancy into a disability.

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You meet the creepiest people on Craigslist

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The Other McCain

Death by Misadventure

You meet the creepiest people on Craigslist.

Brooke Slocum (left); Charles Oppenneer (center); Brady Oestrike (right).

That’s probably the only lesson to be learned from the tragic deaths of Brooke Slocum and her boyfriend Charles Oppeeneer. Slocum, 18, was eight months pregnant when Oppenneer posted an ad to Craigslist offering to let other men have sex with her for money while Oppenneer watched. Brady Oestrike, 31, responded to the ad.

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No Sh*T Sherlock!

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The Daily Mail

Make Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson gay lovers, fans urge BBC

  • Co-creator Mark Gatiss admitted receiving explicit plotlines and drawings
  • It comes ahead of the release of series four, which is due late next year
  • Landlady Mrs Hudson often makes references about the pair’s sexuality
  • Gatiss says they took inspiration from Billy Wilder’s 1970s film on detective



NYT : Repubs Have 60% Chance of Taking Senate

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I’m having a hard time believing some of these races are that close (Landrieu vs. Cassidy in LA and Hagan vs. Tills in N.C. are within 2 points?).

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The Reality Of The Immigration Crisis

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The Lonely Conservative

Residents in Syracuse, NY have a lot of questions about the Mayor’s invitation to the federal government to house a few hundred or so illegal immigrants. Local media outlets have been passing along the city administration’s reassurances that the children will not be going to local schools, or even leaving the property where they will be housed. They also say that every immigrant has been screened for diseases. I guess they haven’t seen Dennis Michael Lynch’s coverage of what’s happening on the border. Border Patrol agents have told him that there is no health screening going on.



No, Ann Coulter, it’€™s not about Blacks Voting in the MS GOP Run-Off

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By Gina Miller

Audio version: No Ann Coulter it’s not about Blacks Voting

In her Wednesday column, €œEyes on the Prize,€ Ann Coulter again weighs in on the Republican primary run-off here in Mississippi, and again, her assertions about Chris McDaniel and his supporters are wrong.  I guess I shouldn’€™t be surprised at what she says.  After all, she has been a big supporter of Mitt Romney, Chris Christie and Mitch McConnell, none of whom would easily be mistaken for a €œconservative.€

Ann Coulter

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Moses the Unaccompanied Minor and the Ten Plagues

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American Thinker

On behalf of illegal unaccompanied minors flooding our southern border, liberals are currently citing Jesus in Matthew 19:14 saying, “Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

Using that particular verse is problematic because America is not the “kingdom of heaven,” and regardless of the age or economic status of the children, Jesus would never approve of the type of lawless chaos the left is currently promoting.

Nonetheless, that has not curtailed the sermonizing of Biblical scholar/House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

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Gay Man Asks Why He’s Denied the Civil Right of a Benefitting From the Marriage Tax Code

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He gets an answer that might make him go home and chew up a throw pillow.


Know your military colonists

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Sultan Knish

“Military Colonist” is a term that has gone out of fashion in this brave new world of “No Human Being is Illegal” and “Every Refugee Deserves to be Resettled.”

The university history professor with an office full of fake Indian jewelery and a view of the parking lot will lecture on the military colonies of the Roman period, always careful to emphasize their eventual fate. And he may even get up to the 16th century. But he’ll stay away from the present.

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Tammy Bruce Discusses Congressional Action on VA Crisis

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Tammy Bruce

Here’s Tammy’s appearance on Fox News Saturday regarding the bickering in Congress over what to do about the VA crisis. All this, of course, while vets continue to die because of a lack of care.

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The Sarah Palin Channel

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Governor Palin has launched an exciting new channel on the web, The Sarah Palin Channel.

SarahPalinAK's channel 

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Alright, Can We End the Stupid Zombie Crap? It’s Old, It’s Stupid, It’s Childish and Obviously You’re Annoying People

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Hundreds of “zombies” thronged near the San Diego Comic-Con last night for “Zombie Walk,” and things went terribly awry when a driver had a hard time negotiating his way through the crowd. Police say the driver got impatient and drove forward a bit while waiting for “zombies” to clear an intersection, and then the people dressed as zombies started surrounding his car. “He kept getting more and more aggravated and people barely rocked his car and he just hit the gas and boom,” a witness tells 10 News—the driver allegedly hit a pedestrian. Or, as the spectator puts it, he “nailed the lady and just took off.” The woman suffered a broken arm, and NBC 7 reports two more people suffered minor injuries.

A police lieutenant notes, “The pedestrians had the right of way, but there’s a possibility the driver felt he was threatened by the crowd as they … encircled his car and started jumping on his hood.”


Nothing would entertain me more than to witness a “zombie” talking super serious to some cop after a car plowed through their loserfest.

“Yes, officer, we were just shuffling along, dragging our dead legs, moaning, pretending to be searching for flesh, when out of nowhere THIS IDIOT ran over Seth.”

Ya, the driver is the idiot.