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‘We are hostages’, says a Saudi Princess

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‘We are hostages’: A Saudi princess reveals her life of hell

‘We are hostages’: A Saudi princess reveals her life of hell

The princesses are seen with their father, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz in an undated photo. From left: Sahar, Jawaher, Hala (on the king’s shoulders) and Maha. Inset: Sahar, the kind’s oldest daughter, spoke with The Post about her ordeal as a prisoner in her father’s palace. “We are cut off and isolated and alone,” she says.

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Document attempts to explain Hillary’s “vast right-wing conspiracy” claim

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Big Government

Just ahead of a possible Hillary run for the presidency, the Clinton Library released a new load of documents from President Bill Clinton’s years in the White House. One of those documents attempts to explain Hillary’s “vast right-wing conspiracy” claim in which the Clinton administration accused Republican staffers of colluding with “extremists” on the Internet to hurt the Clintons.

On January 27, 1998, Hillary Clinton appeared on NBC’s Today Show. During her interview with Matt Lauer, she claimed that a “vast right-wing conspiracy” had been trying to destroy her husband “since the day he announced for president.”

That interview drew a lot of raised eyebrows and became a joke for years afterward. Hillary’s accusation became such a hot-button issue that Clinton’s White House felt it had to defend itself and drew up a full 28-page report to “prove” that there was, indeed, a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” This conspiracy was brewing, supposedly, among conservative think tanks, in conservative newspapers, and on that newfangled Internet thing, as all were colluding with the GOP to undermine the President.

The report, titled “Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce,” was intended to pinpoint who was behind “all this” and which “right-wing publications” were involved. It also tried to explain “the Internet influence.”

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Cabby who cut off woman’s leg is driving again

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Cabby who cut off leg is driving again

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Hillary’s new book is called “Hard Choices”. Let the jokes commence!

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Political Clown Parade

The Other Hank

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The Milwaukee Brewers latest acquisition has been a huge hit with fans this season.

Read about Hank here

See a report on Hank at The Brewer’s Opener, and his appointment with the vet the next day here



FBI Takes Wendy Davis Documents

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The FBI has control of documents related to Texas State Sen. Wendy Davis’ work while she was an attorney for the North Texas Tollway Authority, but it’s not certain whether the investigation is focusing on the Democratic lawmaker or if the items are just an overall part of the materials collected.

Davis, who is the Democratic nominee in the governor’s race, has said her legal work posed no conflicts with her duties in the Senate, reports The Dallas Morning News, and her spokesman, Zac Petkanas said the federal agents have not questioned her.

The traffic authority disclosed in 2011 that the FBI was investigating possible conflicts of interest among its former and current board members, but Davis never served on the board.

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How to Get Mooch Off the Beach

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MJA- Mich Bunny


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TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — Given their druthers, some Kansas high school students and their parents said they would rather keep their graduation day just a family affair instead of expanding the guest list to include first lady Michelle Obama.

The criticism erupted after the Topeka, Kansas school district announced Thursday that the first lady would speak at a combined graduation ceremony for five area high schools on May 17 at an 8,000-seat arena. Parents attending a school board meeting urged it to reconsider the decision. Despite the reputation of Kansas as a strong Republican state, some parents and students said the complaints were less about politics and more about the lack of seating in the arena for all their relatives.

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A Little Help, Please

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Both H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt helped push Obamacare enrollment numbers this month as both tax preparers went out of their way to encourage their customers to sign up.

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Another sexual harassment suit against former SD mayor Bob Filner

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Ten-term Congressman and ex-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is the object of yet another sexual harassment lawsuit. Bodygaurds watched as Filner “kissed, massaged, (and) groped” anti-domestic violence activist Marilyn McGaughy at an elementary school, according to an L.A. Times report of a lawsuit recently filed by McGaughy.

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A Meditation on the Easter Gospel

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Archdiocese of Washington

Just about all of the Resurrection Accounts in the Gospels present the apostles and disciples on a journey to deeper faith. In stages they come out of the darkness of despair and this world into the light of faith. Matthew’s (28:1-10) account that is read at the Easter Vigil this year, and which can also be read at Masses during the day, is no exception.


China Will Soon Be World’s Most Christian Nation

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China on course to become ‘world’s most Christian nation’ within 15 years


Hank Aaron didn’t say what you racists think he said. Racists.

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Oh, and he’s bitter and junk.

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Atlanta Braves legend Hank Aaron is reportedly “upset” and “bitter” because he feels that readers — not the reporter who wrote the story — took his comments that implied those who opposed President Barack Obama’s policies now wear “neckties and starched shirts” instead of KKK hoods out of context.

And the reporter who wrote the story is claiming Aaron should not have to apologize for something he never said because Aaron was talking about CEOs, American society, and corporate America and not referring to a political party.

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Happy New Life Easter

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0 Happy New Life Easter

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Fine Art America

WARNING: Excessive Cuteness

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h/t Steaming Pyle



Own the World

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Menderman sends us a video profiling The World. The World is a ship that houses 200 people who live on board permanently. It’s a floating mini-city.