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‘Who Gets to Hold Her Crown While She Speaks?’

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Nevada reporter Jon Ralston rips Hillary Clinton for demanding “royal treatment” in an upcoming visit to Las Vegas:



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Black Racism is Politically Correct

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American Thinker

I’m amazed at how openly racist black Liberals have become, and how few non-blacks are willing to call them out on it.

I was waiting to be interviewed on CNN the other night, and I was listening in advance of my appearance to an interview of a Missouri legislator said to Don Lemmon, [pp] “The way for Ferguson Missouri to improve public relations is to have more black cops.”

Can you imagine the reaction if a city asked for more white cops?

This call for “blackness” as an answer to what’s plaguing the black community is happening a lot, and quite frankly is disturbing.

Pretty soon when we go to a store, black people will only be able to be helped by black people. Imagine a warped world where only somebody of your same COLOR could help you?!

“Colorization” seems to be the answer to all things for Liberals, and is most important to black Liberals. More black is supposed to be better. It never is!

For the life of me, I don’t understand why on Gore’s green Earth black people would want more black people controlling their lives.

Cities are replete with black folks in charge of other black folks: Black aldermen, black city councilmen, majority black school boards (maybe one token white), black mayors, and the real shot-callers known as the Congressional Black Caucus. 

Add to this a black president and a black attorney general, and you have a cornucopia of black power, all of which has led to devastation in the black community. And how is the life of Michael Brown celebrated in the black community? Looting.




After a Heart-Breaking Loss, This Little League Coach Delivered an Inspirational Speech for the Ages

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For the players of the Cumberland American All-Stars from Rhode Island, their dream ended on Monday night with a heartbreaking 8-7 loss to Chicago’s Jackie Robinson West.

But Dave Belisle just gave a new meaning to the title of “Coach” when he talked to his players following the game. Captured on ESPN, Belisle spoke from the heart about the pride he felt for his team.


America’s All-Stars

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Who Said This?

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[Talking about the proliferation of guns in the U.S., following the murder of Phil Hartman in 1998, who was shot to death by his wife] Until America, door to door, takes every handgun, this is what you’re gonna have. It’s pathetic. It really is pathetic. It’s sad. We’re living in the Dark Ages over there. It has to be stopped, and someone really has to go on the line, a certain dauntless political figure, and say, “It’s ending, it’s over, all bets are off.” It’s not 200 years ago, we don’t need this any more, and the rest of the world doesn’t have it. Why should we?




Little Thug Witness Fesses Up

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BREAKING REPORT – Dorian Johnson Recants Media Statement – Tells Authorities “Big Mike” Did Try For Officers Gun – Acquittal Probable


Even His Mugshot Looks Good

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Massive hail storm dumps on Mexico City

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MEXICO CITY – An intense hail storm rained on Mexico City causing floods.

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He fell for her pretty hard

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CBS San Francisco

Sebastopol Climber Dies From Fall In Yosemite After Proposing To Girlfriend

Photo Credit Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

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Perry Prosecutor Defended Child Killer, Sex Trafficker, Corrupt Leaders

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media trackers

The special prosecutor who recently secured an indictment of Gov. Rick Perry (R) before a grand jury in Democrat-leaning Travis County, Texas has a long history of defending questionable characters. Mike McCrum, a San Antonio defense attorney, was appointed to lead an investigation into Perry after an anti-Perry group alleged the long-time governor abused the power of his office.

Prior to entering the national spotlight with his crusade against Perry, McCrum used his law practice to defend a serial child killer, a man found guilty of sex trafficking involving minors, individuals tied to public corruption cases, and an Iranian-American doctor stripped of his citizenship on fraud charges.

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Project Anti Sissy Girls

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I just spent the week with my 11 year old nephew. He is a normal kid brought up by conservative Christian parents. His mother was beaming with pride when telling me of a debate she overheard with a classmate about evolution and creation. He was calmly explaining how science does not prove evolution and his classmate was screaming and calling him stupid like a dutiful liberal.

He has a very active mind, as most kids his age, and came up with the following that he posted on his whiteboard at home:

Project Anti Sissy Girls

I’m proud of him and think I’ll join his project!


A Game of Gestures

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The Secondary for the Washington Redskins thought they’d make a statement about the rioting in Ferguson as they came out on the field for last night’s pre-season game.

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(Katherine Frey /The Washington Post)

(Katherine Frey /The Washington Post)

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Hillary Does Squat for the Team

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Michael Barone makes the observation that in a year when Democrats running for Congress could use all the help they could get, Hillary is noticeably absent.

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Pool Party

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Report: More Than a Dozen Witnesses Have Corroborated Officer Darren Wilson’s Version of Ferguson Shooting

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I think the protestors in Ferguson are acting stupidly.

Ice Bucket Challenge

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In case you were wondering why so many people this summer have been overcome with the need to pouring ice water over their heads, SC Featured did a piece on it this week.

Watch the video here