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The Cornell Deer Sterilization Fiasco

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Legal Insurrection:

We previously wrote about the deer sterilization program run by the Village of Cayuga Heights, NY, which borders the Cornell University campus and has large deer and faculty populations.

After years of bitter debate, Cayuga Heights decided that the deer population would be controlled through sterilization at enormous expense:

The Cayuga Heights deer control was mostly a failure because, you know, deer move around, so sterilizing deer in Cayuga Heights didn’t prevent new deer from coming into the area.  And so on.

“you can’t make this stuff up”


Our Leaders Are Morally Bankrupt

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Alveda King, the niece of Martin Luther King and a minister in her own right is being very outspoken about the disaster known as the Obama presidency.  She calls Obama morally bankrupt and points out that blacks have suffered disproportionately during his administration.  Ms King says (Speaking of Obama and Holder):

“All of our leaders—or many of our leaders—are just morally bankrupt right now.  They’re not calling on God. We still say ‘In God We Trust’ and ‘One Nation Under God’ but we’re not practicing that. We need to call on God. There’s a moral bankruptcy in this country and we really need to come back to God.”

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Wendy Davis still digging hole – Uses Biden’s shovel

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Wendy Davis Claims Opponent Abbott Is Racist – But There’s a Very Personal Problem with Her Argument

The Democratic nominee for governor of Texas, Wendy Davis, recently suggested that Republican nominee Greg Abbott favors a ban on interracial marriage:

Wendy Davis         @WendyDavisTexas

Greg Abbott won’t say whether he’d defend an interracial marriage ban—troubling but not surprising from someone who defends a “poll tax.”

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Frank Schaeffer

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I put his name in the title so when he goes ego-surfing he’ll find this post.

This guy spent a long time writing thousands of words (none of them big) to make the point that the TEAPARTYBOOSHFOXRIGHTWINGNOISEMACHINE is racist.

You don’t have to read his scribbling. Here’s a picture he chose to illustrate the TEAPARTYBOOSHFOXRIGHTWING’s racism-


Isn’t the racism just dripping off this pic?

Hey Frank, you dum-dum, please come here and defend your asinine charge that this picture (author unknown) is racist.  Stay on point and don’t digress, speckling everyone’s shirt within your 15 foot froth radius, with tangential crap. Explain how this picture is racist. That’s it. Simple.

We will all be here, patiently waiting, in order to hear the prolix ravings of a lunatic.


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“What” the Police?

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St. Louis Sunday Football Disrupted by Ferguson Protestors.

You should hear their fight song

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via Awkward family photos


Ice Hoe Challenge

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Decent fake, but it’s fake. If you look carefully you can see some telltale signs that it’s been digitally manipulated.

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Skip A Stone At Your Peril: EPA Ponders Pond And Puddle Regulations

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EPA Abuse

Through a low-profile attempt to rewrite existing regulation, the Environmental Protection Agency is seeking to become the “lord and master over land throughout the United States” by making a tiny but powerful change to the Clean Water Act that could effectively create federal zoning authority.


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OK teacher gets Michelle O’s school snack rules repealed

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BATON ROUGE, La. – A deluge of illegal immigrant children coming into the United States this year is costing some states millions more than expected, while others are forced to police schools to ensure the unaccompanied minors receive equal treatment.

Officials with Louisiana’s House Legislative Services recently released a report that shows it will cost an estimated $10 million more the state’s current budget to educate at least 1,414 illegal immigrant students who were delivered to Louisiana this year,TheNewsStar.com reports. Full Story

So, What You Are Saying is, We Need to Secure our Borders to Process Outsiders Coming into the U.S.

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Solar Thursday USA: An Eclipse AND a Massive Sunspot Group

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Roy Spencer

Residents of the eastern U.S. will be in a particularly good location to see a partial solar eclipse which will peak near sunset on Thursday, Oct. 23, and as a bonus the giant sunspot group 2192 should also be visible.

Here’s what sunspot 2192 looks like in recent days as it slowly rotates toward the central portion of the solar disk:


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Outgoing Democrat Sticks It To His Own Party

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Diogenes’ Middle Finger

by Robert Janicki

In a perverse way, you have to love Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa).  Harkin, a liar and all around mean spirited human being, has managed to stick it to his own party on his way out of the senate as he retires on January 3, 2015, with the new congressional term.
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Update To a Story By THE PUNDIT PRESS

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Aurelius, of The Pundit Press, sent me this story on Thursday.

It was a great one. Aurelius saw a Craig’s List ad placed by a Seattle socialist group that’s been pushing hard for a $20 an hour minimum wage (20 bucks an hour for a drop-out pushing a broom… in the wrong direction) but only willing to pay their potential new employee (with a laundry list of high-skilled duties) $13 an hour.

I may only be qualified to push a broom (in the wrong direction) but I could immediately see this was a great story. Now it’s everywhere, and I really don’t see Pundit Press getting their due. Furthermore, now there is an update to the story (the group is stammering and stuttering with a weak reason for their hypocrisy) and the story is that much more ubiquitous, and Pundit Press is a distant memory. That’s not right.

Equally as important to the story of the hypocritical socialist is how a conservative blogger’s work ends up on the “elite” conservative blogs and there isn’t one word about The Pundit Press. To be fair, one biggie, The Daily Caller, identified The Pundit Press as the blog who broke the story. But they did it in a “hat tip” after their post, stuck in the bowels of the story’s sediment. A hat tip is reserved for a person that directs you to a story on another blog. It’s not appropriate, nor enough, after lifting the story from the blog who broke it. You put the link in the BODY of the story, up top. My mother taught me that one. This is how other blogs pick it up and, understandably and innocently, omit the person responsible for it all.

I’ve laid low lately on this issue because I don’t think the majority of people want to hear about how “conservatives suck too.” But many of us do. I’ve had run-ins with people who take the step to strip off your credits and then tell you with a straight face that they haven’t done anything wrong. If they can do that, not linking a story breaker is a walk in the park. Oh well / rant off.

Pundit Press, you done good.



This B*tch Again

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via GotNews

Anti-Hillary Street Art Hits LA Ghetto

Hillary Clinton’s arrival in Los Angeles today, was coincidentally greeted by street art which appeared overnight in South Central Los Angeles. Posters mocking Clinton that read “THIS BITCH AGAIN” were spotted near the iconic Watts Towers, the University of Southern California and major South Los Angeles intersections. [ MORE ]

Hillary-Clinton-Appears-above-Watts-Towers-740x1110 Hillary-Clinton-Appears-above-Watts-Towers.2-740x1110 Hillary-Clinton-Appears-Florence-and-Normandie-740x493 Hillary-Clinton-Appears-Slauson-and-Crenshaw-740x493

They need to hang a few of these around other locales too. A few in downtown Seattle would cause bike wrecks and flustered unspeakable outrage-and tears. Heh.

AP: ‘Troubles Clearly Aren’t Over’ For NBC’s Snyderman 

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On Monday, David Bauder of the Associated Press spotlighted the ongoing controversy over NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman breaking her own quarantine, after she returned from West Africa to cover the Ebola outbreak. Bauder underlined that Synderman’s “quarantine against possible Ebola exposure ends this week…but the troubles clearly aren’t over for NBC News’ chief medical editor.” He added that “NBC must now decide whether Snyderman’s credibility is too damaged for her to continue reporting on Ebola or other medical issues and, if so, for how long.” Full Story

Citizen Pulls Over Police Officer

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See the details here

AZ’s Democrat Candidate For Governor: 14 Year-Old Shouldn’t Need Parental Consent to Abort

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To the relief of sex offenders throughout the state, Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Fred DuVal, during a Tuesday forum at Redemption Church in Gilbert, said that, in the words of an unbylined Washington Free Beacon story, “he is opposed to mandating parental consent for a girl as young as 14 years old to get an abortion.” Full Story

Tina Brown Offers Her Reason Why Women Don’t Like Obama

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Isn’t this racist???