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Another Passenger Plane Crash

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- by -TheBigOwe

Who knows what took this passenger plane in Taiwan down. Across US media and Asia’s, no one can get the visibility factor down.


Perry’s Guard Helping Obama Distribute Illegals Across The U.S.

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He is not stopping them, and he is dang sure not sending them back. If he is apprehending them at all, the only thing he can realistically do is hand them over to ICE. And we all know what they are doing with them – loading them on buses and sending them into the U.S..

If he is doing anything at all, he is aiding Obama…

Fakes enroll in obamacare

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- by ZONGA

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) created 12 identities with fake citizenship and immigration statuses as well as fake income documents to test how easy it is to get insurance coverage and qualify for tax credits.

GAO said 11 of the fake applicants were accepted and only one of them denied because they did not list a social security number.

GAO said the contractor hired to process the insurance applications isn’t required to authenticate the application.


Read full article: Fakes enroll in obamacare


New War Over High School U.S. History

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- by - mary from marin

“…The traditional emphasis on America’s founders and the principles of constitutional government will soon be jettisoned in favor of a left-leaning emphasis on race, gender, class, ethnicity, etc…

The new AP U.S. History Exam has been issued under the authority of David Coleman, president of the College Board and, not coincidentally, architect of the Common Core. We are witnessing a coordinated, two-pronged effort to effectively federalize all of American K-12 education, while shifting its content sharply to the left…” [NRO]

The plan is to sever coming generations from their historical roots, and eradicate any possibility of emulation.

In this case, “those who do not study history” will be doomed to slavery.

Newscaster With Courage Gets Fired

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From the Bullpen – Ninetyninth Squad Leader

 Reporter Suspended for Having the Courage To Have the Conversation Holder says We’re Afraid to Have


Death Panel? There’s an App for That

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By Uncle Al 
The latest innovation in cancer care isn’t a medical breakthrough but an app to ration new drugs. It’ll measure care in terms of what it costs health plans, instead of what it means for patients’ lives.

The Hippocratic oath-breakers of the American Society for Clinical Oncology (ASCO), are climbing in bed with Barky-care bureaucratic drug rationers. As the Post writer puts it-

“Patients are more likely to accept rationing if it comes with a “medical seal of approval.”

Read the rest at the NY Post

Jose Antonio Vargas Released From Border Patrol Custody

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by Marin From Marin 

A Call to Vigilance

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By Unhappy Okie

I think, at least in the area where I live, federal attempts to confiscate guns would result in a quasi-civil war as people down home believe they are guaranteed the right to own guns by the constitution and that no global monstrosity like the United Nations should have any say over their lives at all.

Read full article: A Call to Vigilance

Google Prostitute Arrested in Google Exec’s Death

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By  Grunt of Monte Cristo


If a Google Executive hired her, then that makes her a Google employee, right? And they’re both Democrats. Let’s get that out of the way up front. Google’s motto is “Don’t be evil.” But maybe it really means: “Heroin, prostitutes, adultery, murder, all ok. But don’t let us catch you being a conservative!”

Californians Set To Drink Urine

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by Bitterclinger


Governor Jerry Brown had requested a 20 percent decrease in statewide water use in his emergency drought declaration in January; according to the Sacramento Bee, state residents fell “well short” of that goal, cutting water use by just five percent between January and May of this year.

Read full article: Californians Set To Drink Urine



Cancel Your WSJ Subscriptions

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by Stirrin the BS


From Rupert Murdoch:

“…When I learned that House Majority Leader Eric Cantor had lost his Republican primary, my heart sank. Not simply because I think he is an intelligent and talented member of Congress, or because I worry about the future of the Republican Party.

Like others who want comprehensive immigration reform, I worried that Mr. Cantor’s loss would be misconstrued and make Congress reluctant to tackle this urgent need. That would be the wrong lesson and an undesirable national consequence of this single, local election result…”

What about assimilation? What about wanting to become an un-hyphenated American? What about having a sponsor before entering? What about enforcing the existing immigration laws?

The Chamber of Commerce does NOT have the country’s best interest at heart.


NOT ONE OF US – Is Bowe Bergdahl A Modern Benedict Arnold?

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“A Nation is a family. And those that swear an oath to defend that nation form a tighter family — one that depends on the loyalty of each member to protect their very lives. In his latest FIREWALL, Bill Whittle discusses the cultural disconnect not only of Bowe Bergdahl, but of the people who traded five deadly terrorists for his return.”




Texas-Led Border Security Surge “Imminent”

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By Bitterclinger


Praise the Lord and pass the ammo! Gov. Rick Perry says the state will do what the feds refuse to do.

Feds Admit Minimum Wages Cause Unemployment

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by Uncle Al

Did you know that the 1938 law that established the feddle minimum wage contains a loophole for “whose earning or productive capacity is impaired by age, physical or mental deficiency, or injury” allowing employers to pay them less? There may be as many as 300,000 such workers in the US covered by what are known as “14(c) permits.”

Author Nicholas Freiling points out,

Yet minimum wage advocates rarely address the issue of minimum wage exemptions. If minimum wage is supposed to help those who otherwise would not earn a “living wage,” why exempt people with disabilities — often the least productive of us all? 

This is a very good and straightforward article demolishing the “logic” behind minimum wage laws, and the absurd claim that such laws do not increase unemployment.


“the meteorological observation has not been put on a modern and scientific basis”

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- by The Big Owe


Kim Jong Un is known for his penchant to call on various unremarkable state installations. (Rodong Sinmun)

Taking the occasional US tourist hostage will take plenty out of a dictator.

What to do next? Take a drag and “field guide” the weather station.

Bombshell! Terrorists Used US Phones In Benghazi Attack

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- by Bitterclinger

Nearly two years after the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi and now we find out the Obama administration heard terrorists using US State Department phones the night of the attack.


Man Disappointed With Penis Enlarger

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By Bitterclinger

A Malaysian man who purchased a penis enlargement device online was unhappy to receive… THIS

Mr.L: Ruling Class Mantra- Bush or Clinton are Safe Choices

Home - by - June 11, 2014 - 22:14 America/New_York - 11 Comments

-By Rick Evans


Mr L has a word for the “ready for Hillary” loons: Prepare to be disappointed.