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iOTW Does It Again!

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One of Mr. Pinko’s images made it onto Twitchy!


How to Cure Ebola

Obama’s Replacement for the Purple Heart

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from Sabo at Unsavoryagents

This one made me weep as it captures Obama’s hatred of the military.
Click Obama’s VA Medal to see the rest of it. va_02b

Be sure to visit his website. He is the one who did the great Ted Cruz poster: Full Story

Shake it Off: Obama Version

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Remy’s Latest Video from ReasonTV

The Obama administration puts its own special spin on the Taylor Swift hit.

Apocalypse and The Antichrist

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The Antichrist and the Muslim Mahdi (Part 1)

from Michael YoussefApocalypse-sign

Many people—religious and non-religious—are asking questions about a word they hear the media use when referring to ISIS and other Islamist jihadists. That word is apocalyptic, which is used when specifically referring to the fatalism of Islamists.

People wonder, why do so many Muslims (both Sunni and Shiite) operate with such an “apocalyptic,” end-of-world mindset?

Our secular society, however, coupled with the media’s carelessness, is bandying about words like apocalyptic without using them properly and without explanation. That creates a great deal of confusion for some, many of which just throw up their hands in resignation and say, “I don’t understand this.” Full Story

Turkey is Out

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Secret Ballot Results – Turkey Loses Bid For U.N. Security Council Seat…

from The Conservative Treehouse

This is considered a staggering, albeit splendid, defeat considering Turkey was anticipated to be a shoo-in for a non-permanent U.N. Security Council seat.erdogan-obama
Full Story

Separation of Church from State, But Not Vice Versa

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Dallas pastor Jeffress rips Houston mayor for ‘whoops’ on subpoenas

from OneNewsNow

Robert Jeffress, the pastor of First Baptist Church in Dallas, said Thursday morning that the embattled mayor of Houston is backtracking after she first defended attorneys who are going after pastors in the Houston area.
Full Story

John Lennon Re-Imagine-d

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Imagine There’s No Global Warming

from Minnesotans For Global Warming

Critters In Autumn Color

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Do you see what I did here? .

First right answer wins 7,000 iOTW bucks!


0 Autumn Critters.

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Bobby Jindal shares Obama’s four stages of crisis management

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As seen on Twitchy:

If you’ve ever been perplexed by President Obama’s reaction (or lack thereof depending on the circumstance) to various crises, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal passed along this helpful guide:

Here are the four stages from the @BarackObama School of Crisis Management.

Stage 1 of Obama Crisis Management: Don’t worry, I got this.

Stage 2 of Obama Crisis Management: I’m so mad.

Stage 3 of Obama Crisis Management: More money will fix it.

Visit Twitchy to see the rest.

Fear of Ebola

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Bill Whittle’s Firewall

Heaven Help Us, We’re In Deep Sh*t Now!

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Obama cancels trip to meet on Ebola outbreak

from Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama is cancelling political travel to meet with his Cabinet on the Ebola outbreak.


Read the article here

It’s time to panic! Obama cancelled a fundraiser!

Run! Hide in the hills!

Obamacare For Dummies

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10,535 pages of ObamaCare condensed to four sentences

from Tom O’Halloran

As humorous as this sounds…..every last word of it is absolutely TRUE!

1. In order to insure the uninsured, we first have to uninsure the insured.

2. Next, we require the newly uninsured to be re-insured.

3. To re-insure the newly uninsured, they are required to pay extra charges to be re-insured.


Read the last one HERE

Remember ISIS?

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I believe that Ebola was purposely brought to the USA to divert attention from ISIS. .

No? .Prove me wrong.

What ISIS Has Just Accomplished Proves Obama’s Anti-Terror Plan A Major Fail

from Western Journalism

Barack Obama’s emphatic and repeated promise not to deploy new American combat forces in Iraq now appears to have put the president into an extremely awkward and possibly indefensible position.

Reports from various news sources show that Obama’s limited air campaign against ISIS has failed to stop the aggressive onslaught by the terror organization. And number of military experts have recently criticized the president’s “no boots on the ground” approach as anemic and ineffective. Full Story

This Is A Bit Embarrassing

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0 This Is A Bit Embarrassing


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Let’s Steal Our Rights BACK From the Government

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Rant courtesy of TSUNAMI at this post.

I think it’s pretty clear that the American people MUST steal their rights BACK from the government.

The task resides with us as individuals. We can start by quietly subverting and circumventing the laws and regulations by becoming more efficient at flying under the radar.

The NDAA gives us an instruction manual on how to accomplish this task; all we need to do is read it and apply it in reverse. Read the damn thing. Here are some characteristics of a “domestic terrorist” – embrace them: http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/do-you-qualify-as-a-domestic-terrorist_04062011

If I’m going to be labelled as a domestic terrorist because I have more than 7 days worth of food then I’ll store a years worth. Full Story

Impeach Obama

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Michael Savage to Newsmax: Only GOP Senate Will Stop ‘Coming Civil War’

from Newsmax

Take-no-prisoners radio host Michael Savage has a plan to save America from ruin: Republicans must take back the Senate.

“People have the power in 30 days to save America and stop the coming civil war,” Savage, author of the new book “Stop the Coming Civil War: My Savage Truth,” said Thursday on “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV, referring to the pivotal midterm elections. Full Story

You Better Keep Your Mouth Shut

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Teachers Reprimanded for Speaking Out Against Common Core

from Free Beacon

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R.) blasted reports Tuesday that teachers are being reprimanded for speaking out against Common Core standards on social media.

A teacher in Rapides Parish, in Alexandria, La., was “written up” for writing a negative post on Facebook about the controversial standards, according to Town Talk.

“This is a hot national debate,” the teacher told the paper. “Why can’t I comment? I did not say a word about anything locally.” Full Story

Obama’s “Sleight of Hand” Magic Trick

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Pull the plug on Obama’s Big Screen Deflecting Public Attention away from Midterms

from Canada Free Presscover100514

The wicked genius of Obama is his proven ability to keep all public attention riveted on subjects guaranteed to hide what he’s really up to.

It’s like the Machiavellian Marxist raised above the heads of humanity, a mammoth television screen on which he’s keeping all eyes trained.  For months, the threat of an Ebola pandemic and the beheadings of ISIS dominate the daily screen.

Obama knows John Q. Public’s fixation on Ebola can be maintained by the principle that you don’t have to die of Ebola;  you only have to think you’re going to while thoughts of just about anything else take a back seat.
Full Story