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Bill Whittle on Obama as Bush Lite

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We Are Living With Results of “Summer of Love”

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Will ISIS Bring About the Demise of Western Civilization?

from Michael Yousssef

Today, many people are wondering if ISIS will ultimately destroy Western civilization. But before I address that question, we need to take a little journey to discover what Western culture has done to itself.

Beginning with the age of reason in the 17th century, Western culture built itself on the foundation of reason and objective truth.

In the 1960s, however, Western culture underwent a radical transformation. A new way of looking at reality—focusing on the inner, subjective experience instead of objective truth—profoundly affected the baby boomer generation.

In 1967, Dr. Timothy Leary toured the U.S., speaking on college campuses with a psychedelic light and sound presentation called “The Death of the Mind.” He urged students to experiment with LSD, start their own psychedelic religions, turn off their rational minds, and reach out to the universe with chemical-altered feelings to “run on, tune in, and drop out.”

Most baby boomers will remember the summer of 1967 as the Summer of Love, with huge gatherings in cities across the United States and Canada. Years later, Time magazine said that the overriding theme of the Summer of Love was “trust your feelings.”
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Shepard Smith Interviews Josh Earnest

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Shep doesn’t let him carry on with the talking points. Not his normal liberal bent, Shep made some stunning points.


White House press secretary Josh Earnest made his first visit to “Shepard Smith Reporting” this afternoon. The 7-minute interview focused on the White House messaging about the mission to take out ISIS in Syria and Iraq and, in Earnest’s words, “the Muslim-led countries who are part of the coalition.”

“Like Saudi Arabia’s going to have some boots over there? or Jordan?” Smith asked in jest. “There will be no commitment from those two, on this I will bet every penny I will ever make at this network.”


Watch the entertaining video here.


Megyn Kelly Responds to Bill Ayers Snark with Her Own Snark

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from Twitchy

Megyn Kelly Responds to Bill Ayers Snark with Her Own Snark

Apparently Kid

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from WNEP 16

I first saw this kid back in August when a reporter was interviewing people at their local fair. She approached this little boy and asked him what he thought about a ride he was just on. He said it was great and then grabbed the mike and started talking. See it here.

Well, his video has gone viral, was on the Ellen show and now has made a first commercial for FreshPet Food.

Funny Critters

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Images from emails sent to me from various people.


Obama Just Proved Bush Was Right All Along

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by Tammy Bruce via FOX Nation

It may come as a surprise to President Obama, but he has actually proved that when it comes to foreign policy and the war on terrorism, President George W. Bush and America have been right all along. After years of an Obama foreign policy that existed simply to be the opposite of whatever Mr. Bush did or would do, Islamist terrorism and Middle East turmoil have exploded. As Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has noted, the Islamic State is “a force and a dimension that the world has never seen before.”


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When Is 97% NOT A Majority?

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Obama’s ’97 Percent’ Climate Consensus: Debunked, Demolished, Staked through the heart

from Breitbart

“Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree: #climate change is real, man-made and dangerous.”

Image from m4gw.com

Image from m4gw.com

Remember that statement, a while back, from some bloke on Twitter? What we now know with more than 97 per cent certainty that this guy – or whoever is in charge of running his Twitter account – is either wilfully dishonest or woefully ill-informed.

The “97 per cent” claim is an utter nonsense. This report released today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation explains exactly why.

First, that word “dangerous”. This is a concept that was never mentioned in the study responsible for that 97 per cent claim. The paper was written by an Australian warmist activist called John Cook (and others). It drew its conclusions having allegedly reviewed 12,000 papers on climate change and found – so it claimed – that the vast majority of them supported the “consensus” on global warming.
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Coded Messages

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The Coded Message Obama Delivers When He Says ISIL Instead Of ISIS

from Now The End Begins

In one press conference after another, when referring to the Muslim terror super-group ISIS, United States President Barack Obama will use the term ISIL instead of their former name ISIS or current name Islamic State. Have you ever wondered about that? We have.

ISIL stands for the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Now, to us Westerners we don’t really make much of a distinction, do we? No, honestly from our perspective its all about the same. But how would a Muslim living in the Middle East view it? Just what is the Levant anyway? Let’s take a look.
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Here’s To Independence for Scotland!

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Kilts, Whisky and Deep-Fried Mars Bars: Scottish Cliches Busted

from Breitbart

Stereotypes about Scotland are legion, although few refer to the great artists, philosophers and scientists the nation has produced over the centuries of its proud history.

Cliches about Scots tend to involve kilts, ruddy complexions and whisky, or throwing tree logs in the air for fun — a traditional martial sport known as caber-tossing.

But are they true? Here is an informal look at five common cliches about Scots, as they prepare to vote in a historic independence referendum next week:

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Bill Whittle’s Free Speech Attacked

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from RightScoop

Bill Whittle explains how his First Amendment right to free speech has recently come under attack:

When Bill wanted a normal insurance policy on his property, he was told insurance companies won’t do it, because he says stuff that’s ‘too risky’ politically.

Watch the Afterburner video HERE

So, do all the progtards need this insurance, too?


UN Called Out On Their Anti-Semitism

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Scholar to UN: You Are ‘the Leading Global Purveyor of Anti-Semitism’

Bayefsky says UN is ‘inciting murderous intolerance towards’ JewsUN-human-rights-council

from FreeBeacon

A leading human rights advocate accused the United Nations and its member nations of being “the leading global purveyor of anti-Semitism” and “inciting murderous intolerance towards” Jewish people during an unprecedented speech Monday at the international body’s headquarters in New York City.

Anne Bayefsky, director of the Touro Institute on Human Rights and the Holocaust (IHRH), stood before the U.N. and lambasted it for fanning the flames of global anti-Semitism and hatred of Israel, according to a copy of her remarks.
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Obamacare In the Near Future

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British Child Cannot Get Life Saving Treatment There, Authorities Have Family Arrested When They Try to Get it Overseas

from Conservative Hideout 2.0

Government, when given sufficient power, becomes totalitarian.  It ALWAYS does.

What makes today’s story different, though, is that the bureaucracy not only is denying care to a small child, but also seeking to prevent the family from seeking treatment elsewhere.

Check out these excerpts from a blood-chilling story in USA Today.

The parents of a child suffering from a severe brain tumor signaled Monday they would defy efforts to force them to return to Britain, days after their family fled.

So why did they feel the need to escape a presumably civilized nation?

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Waaaaa, The War On Terror Is Haaarrrd!

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Dem Congressman: ‘Forces That Will Rise If ISIS Is Destroyed Are Nearly as Evil as ISIS’

from CNS News

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.)

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.)

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Ca.), a senior member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, warned Tuesday that destroying ISIS would only empower those fighting against the terrorist group – who are almost as evil as ISIS.

“If you destroy one power in the Middle East, you empower the other side, and the four groups that are fighting ISIS now are in many ways nearly as evil as ISIS itself, and in fact, those who are fighting against ISIS today on the ground have killed far more Americans than ISIS has,” said Sherman, top Democrat on the Terrorism, Nonproliferation and Trade Subcommittee.
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Had Enough Of Islam?

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Update: WooHoo! We have our very own Oskar Freysinger here in the USA!

Oklahoma politician refuses to apologize for cautioning people to ‘be wary’ of Muslim-Americans

Republican state Rep. John Bennett is under fire for an anti-Muslim comment on Facebook that critics say ‘promote misunderstanding and incite hatred.’ The Council on American-Islamic Relations is demanding an apology, but Bennett says he’s tired of being politically correct.

See him HERE!


SOMEONE WITH BALLS: Swiss Member of Parliament Oskar Freysinger Has Had Enough Of Islam

from Clash Daily

Oskar Freysinger, a member of the Swiss Parliament gave a passionate speech filled with truth that no politician in Washington, DC has yet to give from the floor of Congress. He calls out Islam for what it is: A dogma that is gnawing away at the pillars of our system of laws, wherever it is granted the space to do so. Video courtesy of Walid Shoebat.


Watch the video here


How Democrats Use the Minimum Wage Issue To Exploit The Poor

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from American Thinker

The Democrat Party of the U.S. has gained and kept political power by portraying themselves to the masses of people as the only political party that cares about the working middle class and the vulnerable poor. You need us, Democrats love to say at every election cycle, to help you achieve a better life. And as the November election nears, they are once again bringing up the minimum wage issue. Their position is that the Republicans are too insensitive to the needs of the poor to raise the minimum wage. Voters must elect Democrats in order to see a minimum pay raise.

But at some point American voters, particularly the working middle class and poor, may begin to wonder whether or not Democrats are incompetent or something else is at play. The plain truth is: we have a president who now boasts that he can do anything he wants by using his “pen and phone.” He does not need to pass laws through Congress. Indeed, he has been the least cooperative with the House of Representatives of any president in recent American history.
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Colorado Anti-Fracking Group Busted for Misinformation

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Polis-Backed Group Draws Fire for Fracking LiesFracking-Colorado

Colorado environmentalists criticized for invoking young cystic fibrosis patient to hype fracking dangers

from FreeBeacon

Supporters of an innovative oil and gas extraction technique are crying foul after an environmentalist group with ties to a U.S. congressman used photos of a young girl with an unrelated genetic disorder to tout the dangers of the practice.

Critics said this is the latest bit of misinformation in a long-running campaign, with Colorado at center stage, to ban hydraulic fracturing around the country.

Sarah Murnaghan suffers from cystic fibrosis, a genetic disorder that affects proteins that produce mucus, sweat, and digestive fluid. Murnaghan was the subject of national controversy last year when she was denied a lung transplant due to her age.

A petition on the website Change.org demanding that she be granted an exemption to that requirement (which she eventually was) featured a photo of her in the hospital.

That photo appeared in a Craigslist ad posted in June asking for petitioners to gather signatures for a pair of anti-fracking ballot measures in Colorado.
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The Crusades: Before They Were Run Through The PC Machine

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You Thought the Crusades Were Evil… Until You Read This

by Paul F. Crawford from pneymatiko

This article appears in the Spring 2011 edition of the Intercollegiate Review. See the issue’s Table of Contents here.Crusader

[snip] From presidential speeches to role-playing games, the crusades are depicted as a deplorably violent episode in which thuggish Westerners trundled off, unprovoked, to murder and pillage peace-loving, sophisticated Muslims, laying down patterns of outrageous oppression that would be repeated throughout subsequent history. In many corners of the Western world today, this view is too commonplace and apparently obvious even to be challenged. Full Story