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Phil Collins donates his Alamo collection to spot of its Genesis

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-that headline was too good to improve on. :)

via Oann.com

British musician Phil Collins watches his daughter British actress Lily Collins as he arrives at the Hollywood world premiere of "Mirror Mirror" in Los Angeles

SAN ANTONIO Texas (Reuters) – Grammy-award winning pop star Phil Collins said on Thursday his music wealth helped him satisfy a boyhood fascination with the Alamo and he would donate his extensive collection of artifacts from the 1836 battle for a museum at the Texas shrine.

Collins, 63, said he became fascinated with the Alamo story when he was growing up in the 1950s watching the television series “Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier” starring Fess Parker. The series chronicled the frontier legend of Crockett, who eventually died as one of the defenders of the Alamo.

Collins went on to amass the largest known private collection of memorabilia from the Texas Revolution and the Battle of the Alamo.

“Some people would buy Ferraris, some people would buy houses, I bought old bits of metal and old bits of paper,” the former Genesis drummer and vocalist for hits including “Against All Odds” and “Another Day in Paradise” told reporters in front of the famed structure in San Antonio, Texas. He kept the items at his home in Switzerland.

The collection includes rare items such as a rifle owned by Crockett, as well as one of the original Bowie knives, made famous by Alamo defender Jim Bowie, said Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, whose office runs the Alamo.

“I was like a dog with two tails as they say in England,” Collins said. “The exact place where my collection should be housed is the place where it came from.”

The collection will be placed on a rotating-basis display at the Alamo, where the version of the battle often taught in the U.S. schools holds that Crockett and the rest of the 160 men fighting in the battle for Texas independence were killed in combat.

The collection will begin arriving in Texas in the next few months.

Alamo movies cover square 550


Hope + Change = Unity

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via Reason

New Teaser Trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Shows Why Big Government Is Scary

The newly released teaser trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 will remind everyone why no other recent pop culture phenomenon is as strikingly libertarian.

The teaser depicts President Snow, ruthless dictator of the fictional North American country of Panem, rallying viewers of a government-run propaganda TV station to pledge total support to his rule as creepy buzzwords like “UNITY” appear on screen.

His speech is accompanied by cheesy background music straight out of a modern political ad, though it finds a menacing note as Snow’s threats grow more explicit:

“Ours is an elegant system conceived to nourish and protect. Your districts are the body, the Capitol is the heart. Your hard work feeds us, and in return, we feed and protect you. But if you resist the system, you starve yourself. If you fight against it, it is you who will bleed. I know you will stand with me, with us, with all of us, together as one. Panem today. Panem tomorrow. Panem forever.”


…and yet it’s very likely that fans of this movie vehemently hate the TeaParty. Just saying’.



No Cake For You

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-have some Birthday Broccoli.


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Edmonds schools ban edible classroom birthday treats

EDMONDS, Wash. (AP) – The Edmonds School District is banning edible classroom party treats next year, as part of its efforts to promote student health.

Maplewood Elementary School Principal Michelle Mathis says when someone is marking a birthday they want to celebrate the children, not the sweets.

The Daily Herald reports the new policy was inspired by the federal Wellness Policy, which requires superintendents to monitor nutritional standards for unregulated items such as food prepared by parent groups. 

The rules applying to all participants in the national school lunch program also affect vending machines and student stores.

The federal policy does not apply to events after school hours and only governs food sold to students, not given away. School officials in Edmonds have decided to take it a step further by banning food at birthday celebrations.


I’m glad that I grew up when I did because this new America is___________.


No Tips vs. “Living Wage”

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via Eater

Philadelphia Restaurant Plans to Ban Tipping


An upcoming Philadelphia restaurant has announced intentions to ban tipping when it opens later this year: Philly’s The Insider reports co-owners Cristian Mora and Brian Oliveira of the upcoming French bistro Girard will instead pay their waitstaff a “living wage” ($11 per hour) and offer full benefits and profit-sharing.

To offset those costs, the reservation-only restaurant will have prices “10 percent to 30 percent higher, item by item, than similar restaurants” when it opens in September, according to the Insider.

Girard joins a growing list of restaurants that have elected to ban tipping: Earlier this month, restaurants in Kentucky and British Columbia eliminated the practice in favor of offering their employees a “living wage.” Restaurateurs have long been discussing the act of banning tips all together; whether or not Girard will receive more (or fewer) job applicants as a result remains to be seen.


I can’t help but think at some point waitstaffs will complain that they still aren’t making enough money and the “tip” will be reinstated. The additional 10-30% added to the diner’s bill will not be revoked…just like any other gubmint tax.


Buh-Bye: Eric Cantor Loses his Primary in a Landslide

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Links about tonight’s election at HotAir and a blazing siren on Drudge.

images“…but…but they said the Teaparty was dead!”

It’ll take me less than a microsecond to answer this question…

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I’m not sure who expressed it in the comments the day of the ‘Sweatin’ with the Socialist-in-Chief’ workout video but it was said that, ” someone needs to put Reagan and Obama side by side for a comparison.” Well, here ya go courtesy of the Young America’s Foundation.


Happening Now: 7 wounded, including gunman, in shooting at Seattle Pacific University

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via KOMOtv

SEATTLE — At least six people have been shot at Seattle Pacific University and a suspect is in custody, Seattle police and fire officials said.

Seattle fire officials say a gunman is also wounded. [MORE here with live police scanner]


If I remember correctly, SPU is a Christian university. Let’s see if that plays a part in what happened.

RIP Chester Nez

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via CNN 

Chester Nez, last of original Navajo code talkers of World War II, has died.


Chester Nez, the last of the original Navajo code talkers credited with creating an unbreakable code used during World War II, died Wednesday at his home in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Navajo Nation President said. He was 93.

Nez was one of the 29 Navajos recruited by the U.S. Marine Corps to develop the code that would be used by hundreds of code talkers during the war.

“The Navajo Nation flags will all be lowered to half-mast in honor of our hero passing away,” President Ben Shelly said.

Nez was a teenager when he was recruited to develop the code. He was assigned with the other code talkers to the Marine Corps’ 382nd Platoon.

Military authorities chose Navajo as a code language because it was almost impossible for a non-Navajo to learn and had no written form. [ MORE ]

Today in History: Senator Edward M. Kennedy launched the first Congressional webpage

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via BetaBoston

The first political website, created for the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy, was created 20 years ago today.


Chris Casey, who was working as a system administrator for the senator at the time, has a nice look back:

On June 2, 1994, the office of Senator Kennedy released a press release announcing the launch of their official website, the first for any member of Congress. It was developed and hosted by the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The same release shared a public email address for the Senator, joining just a handful of Senators accepting email from the public by that point. And it also detailed the Senator’s previous means of online outreach to his constituents, including a network of dial up bulletin boards, ftp and gopher servers, and postings in Usenet newsgroups…. [ MORE ]


Oh I know there’s jokes to be had here but you guys are better at that than I am. :)



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Just in time for the start of summer and Memorial Day weekend-legendary artist Norman Rockwell does a beer commercial.


Click his photo or click HERE.

Bike to Work Day, 1893

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Via Today’s Document

Rediscovery #: 00933 Job A1 08-131 Transparencies-1

This 1893 petition (we refer to as the bicycle petition) called for the establishment of a department of roads. It was created by Colonel Albert Pope, the father of the American bicycle.


On December 20, 1893, this petition for the establishment of a department of roads was rolled out onto the Senate floor and referred to the Committee on Interstate Commerce for consideration. The petition is over 6 feet high, one of the largest petitions in the holdings of the National Archives. The printed sheets of approximately 150,000 signatures are attached and wound around two gigantic wooden spools, reminiscent of bicycle wheels. The petition was organized and funded by Colonel Albert Pope, known as the father of the American bicycle.

The petition prompted the creation and funding of an office to conduct road research. The office would later become the Federal Highways Administration.  

Petition for the Establishment of a Roads Department, Referred to the Committee on Interstate Commerce (2600933), 12/20/1893, Records of the U.S. Senate


Bicyclists were annoying and self righteous even back then.


Happy Birthday To Oldest WWII Veteran

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He’s 108!!!!!


Richard Overton

TGIF: Where Are the Plows?

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It’s that time of year again. Plowing has begun on the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park. I’d say much intestinal fortitude is required to be plowing on a rocky ledge high high up in the Rockies.



Glacier NPS posts new pics on their Flickr page weekly HERE.

Where are the plows? See HERE.

Idiots On Parade

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via King5

May Day Up to the Minute Blog- pics and tweets live from the peaceful “protests” in downtown Seattle.

Threats to Seattle police discovered ahead of May Day

SEATTLE – Posters that threaten the safety of Seattle Police have shown up ahead of Thursday’s scheduled May Day protests and marches.

Mayor Ed Murray’s office say the posters, discovered on Capitol Hill through the Central District, read, “The only good cop is a dead cop.”

Another poster found on Capitol Hill reads, “No new jail. No old jail. Fire to the prisons. (expletive) the police.” The bottom of the poster listed the website for Puget Sound Anarchists.

The protests have turned violent the past couple of years, with anarchists and other groups infiltrating the scheduled peaceful marches. They have led to several arrests and vandalism of businesses. Someone spray painted the words “Smash this” and “May Day” on windows at the Bario restaurant on Capitol Hill.

Organizers of the permitted march say they are trying to focus on their message and not the possible violence and vandalism that may come from others.


“We don’t focus on that because our march is peaceful. We have permits. We’re out here trying to protect our community so, although there is frustration coming from other sides, we are respectful of what their message is. They’re respectful of ours and we try to move forward together,” said Diana Lopez of the May First Action Coalition.


In Seattle, May Day is the day when idiots dressed in black roam the streets and break windows at Starbucks and Walgreens-all for workers rights-with the hopes of a big payday when they file a complaint of police brutality afterwards. Un-freakin-believable.

RIP Bob Hoskins

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[ more at Breitbart ]

TGIF: Pitstops Then (1950) & Today

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Animals in WWII

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from Vintage Everyday

Animals in World War II (1) Palermo, Sicily. US troops bringing mules to the docks and loading into LST boats for invasion of Italy. 1944

Animals in World War II (8)Squadron mascot – a Puma named Chatta with pilots. Panama



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-Senator Ted Cruz posted this on his Facebook page ;)