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(Un) Happy Birthday Tea Party

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5 years old today.

LEVIN TELLS THE TEA PARTY TO FIGHT OBAMA’S TYRANNY: ‘FIREWALL OF THE CONSTITUTION HAS BEEN BREACHED.’ Conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin spoke at the Tea Party’s fifth anniversary on Thursday morning from the Hyatt Regency in Washington, D.C. about the importance of maintaining the integrity of the U.S. Constitution- see video at Breitbart


Tea Party birthday — movement survives 5 years of outlandish, offensive media attacks - story at FoxNews


Just for fun: The Museum of Endangered Sounds

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It’s just down the block from The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies.

rotartyphoneClick [ HERE ]

Terrible Travel Tales- What’s Yours?

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Mr. Illustr8r and I just returned from a fun weekend in Montana-that was sandwiched between 2 horrible days of train travel on Amtrak’s Empire Builder.

The train going to Montana started off an hour late. Approximately 3 hours into the trip an announcement was made,” is there a doctor or nurse on board?” The medical request was because someone was passed out in a bathroom. It turned out to be a heroin overdose. He died. Another passenger was found shooting heroin- a friend of the guy who just died. The train stops. It backs to a remote crossing somewhere in eastern Washington. It’s night now and snowing heavily outside. Police and ambulances came. Nothing can be done without the coroner. Officers wait. We wait. The coroner arrives in an official vehicle and along with more police. Time goes by. Someone is loaded into an ambulance. A half hour later, six officers carry a body bag to the medical examiner’s truck. The train can depart now. We are 4.5 hours behind schedule.

At the front our car is a young african american couple who are traveling to Chicago. Throughout the trip there are outbursts of curse words then quiet would return. An hour before we are to get off this crazy train the couple goes into full tilt domestic dispute. Screaming accusations all accented with the F word in its various forms. Then the slapping began along with the throwing of carry on luggage. Different train staff came from all directions and separate them. We found out later that they didn’t make it to Chicago and were ordered off the train one stop after ours.

We were supposed to leave Sunday evening but because of a freight train derailment in North Dakota the train was running 12+ hours behind. Random text updates from Amtrak had different information than if we called Amtrak directly. Sometimes their computers were down and we’d have to call back later. We left Montana Monday at 10am. Every seating area in our car was filthy. The bathrooms were worse. The smell drifted upstairs. The dining car didn’t have enough food for coach seats so we had Subway sandwiches for dinner. The train finally arrives 14.5 hours behind schedule.

One bright spot-we enjoyed talking to a few guys who were returning from working the Bakken oil fields of North Dakota. All were happily employed and encouraging anyone who wants a fresh start to go there. One guy said,” If you can’t find a job in Williston it’s because you don’t want one.”

However, I am never leaving home again.


ski-whitefish-anchor-470x320Are we there yet?

This is…

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…what BFH does when he is tired of shoveling snow. ;)





Go here for the REAL story.


Spin the Speechifier!

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Who will Barry evoke or compare himself to in his next speechifying session?


RIP Sid Caesar

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174176Sid Caesar, a comic actor who came to prominence with the 1950s variety program Your Show of Shows, has passed away. He was 91.  ( more )

More “Just”

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A friend of mine mentioned this scene from Dr. Zhivago last night…Dr. Zhivago returns to his beautiful home, but now the government has decided that it was too big for him and his family and determined that there is room for 13 families. They acquired his home and moved in dozens of strangers along with a government supervisor to maintain the Dr.’s cooperation.

Deep SuperBowl Thoughts by John McCain

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via HotAir


“Arizona’s senior senator made sure to call out the Seattle Seahawks’ trash-talking cornerback Richard Sherman as a “loudmouth” and underscored his grudge against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

McCain said he was picking Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos over Sherman’s Seahawks in the Super Bowl.

“I think Denver. You know, everybody is such a Manning fan,” McCain told KFYI radio. ”That loudmouth from Seattle sort of epitomizes the Seattle team to me. … I’m sure I’m going to get in trouble for that one, too.”

[ More ]


Heh. Go Hawks!


Hidden Architecture

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via MessyNessyChic

If you hadn’t heard: “It’s Amazing!”

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Let’s just call this post Illustr8r’s Pet Peeve.

I have noticed this “amazing”  phenomenon before the Red Carpet at the Golden Globes last week.  However, that event determined for certain that the world needs a thesaurus desperately. The reporter would say to the star at hand, “You look AH-mazing….” and turn to the next celebrity and repeat it again, “You look AH-mazing!” and so on for over 2 hours.

Amazing is everywhere and everything is amazing. I hear it on the local news to describe people, places and things. Usually it is in regards to someone’s character or some charitable gesture. On TV shows-especially reality type shows- “amazing” describes food, clothing, an event or again someone’s character or talent. Tears and light sobbing are usually involved all for the drama, “They are so amazing…their food is amazing…”

My new thing is to repeat back “Amazing!” when I hear it on news reports or TV shows. It’s “amazing” how many times I do this in one evening. It’s like I have Tourette’s! I may have lost my mind.

Have you heard it too? I hear it’s amazing!


I find this video AMAZING! So, I may not be crazy.

RIP “Reuben Kincaid”

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via TVLine: Dave Madden, who played band manager Reuben Kincaid on The Partridge Family, died Thursday of congestive heart and kidney failure. { more }

A Toast!

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…to the latest foodie craze to hit the Left Coast.

via RoadTrippers

Who the f*@k would charge 6 bucks for toast? These people, that’s who.


The Red Door cafe in San Francisco charges their customers six dollars for toast….yes, you read that right. For those still not following, that’s 3 bucks per slice as a stand alone item.

But the Red Door isn’t the only place serving just toast in San Francisco. Apparently “toast bars” are a hot new trend, and yeah, sure the bread is fancy, but still, it’s just toast! What’s most astonishing is that according to the owners, on a busy Saturday morning The Red Door can make upwards of 400 pieces of 3 dollar toast a day. Not too shabby.

Some critics are saying the expensive toast craze is a reflection of San Francisco flaunting its wealth, but toast bar fans are quick to dismiss the naysayers, all while happily blowing their money on something worth even less than a latte.

If you’re interested in splurging on fancy toast, the Red Door is currently the place to be, so when you show up expect lines. In the mean time, you could always buy an entire loaf of bread for 2 bucks at your local grocery store.


I betya soon there will be a “toast bar” in Seattle. Hipsters know best. I am drawn to any breakfast themed place-maybe I’d try it one time-and then hate myself afterwards. What about a “bacon bar” “oatmeal bar” or a “biscuits and gravy bar” ?

iOTW Cat vs Dog: I see you

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They were FOR him before they were AGAINST him…

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…but I’m sure they will wait to hear what John Stewart on the Daily Show says before they truly have an opinion about Bridgegate.

Food for thought. My Facebook page today is filling up with snarky commentary about Chris Christie from the same lefty leaners who have had misgivings about Hillary in 2016 (too old, too much baggage, no more Clintons, Elizabeth Warren rocks!). Christie was the only Republican they’d ever consider voting for President in 2016 they said preBridgegate.

Now? He’s BuzzFeed fodder.

“…it’s historic. It’s a historic day. Is this historic? Yes, it’s historic…”

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via King 5

Socialist Kshama Sawant sworn in as Seattle city council member

SEATTLE — A former community college professor who won a surprising citywide election last year was sworn in Monday as the first socialist City Council member in Seattle’s modern history.

Kshama Sawant of the Socialist Alternative party took her oath and served in her first City Council hearing, then gave a speech to throngs of supporters in a ceremonial swearing-in at a packed City Hall.

“I will do my utmost to represent the disenfranchised and the excluded, the poor and the oppressed, by fighting for a $15-an-hour minimum wage, affordable housing, and taxing the super-rich for a massive expansion of public transit and education,” said Sawant, 41. [ MORE ]


I can’t believe I know people who helped get this woman elected. Good grief. What is it about lefty leaning socialists that when they speak they tilt their heads up while looking down their nose at the oppressed masses they are “fighting” for. Notice that Ms. Sawant does it and so does this guy…

obama_smug…and he’s “historic” too.

Xmas Card Review 2013

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I love getting Christmas cards every year and even better if someone has taken the time to write a quick note or newsletter.

THIS year though. My jaw hurt from hitting the ground.

One family newsletter proudly stated that they helped elect the Socialist, Kshama Sawant, to the Seattle city council. I received lovely cards from friends and family in Ohio who boasted about the benefits of Obamacare and that more people will be signed up for Medicaid because of it. One entire family were Obamacare navigators.

They called it the Affordable Care Act, however.




Santa School circa. 1961

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Let’s hop on our sleigh and travel back in time to 1961 Albion, New York and take a tour inside Santa School …


Established in 1937, the Charles Howard’s Santa Claus School actually still exists today, now operating out of Michigan and proudly claiming the title of the world’s oldest Santa School. Candidates pictured here in 1961 by LIFE photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt have signed up for a 5-day, $75 course in the hopes of receiving a Santa certificate that will enable them to get Yuletide jobs at local department stores.

924x1280xsantaschool2.jpeg.pagespeed.ic.Y8mguOOm9CDemonstrating how to wear the Santa suit.

[ MORE ]

More Seattle Union Silliness…

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First Boeing and now Amazon…biting the hand that feeds you.

Workers rally against Amazon in Seattle, Germany

via KOMOtv


On the same day more than 1,000 workers at Amazon.com in Germany walked off the job in a labor dispute, a few dozen people rallied in solidarity Monday outside the online retailer’s Seattle headquarters.

“I’m here to support our American brothers and sisters … and to show the German workers that they’re not alone in their strike,” said Nancy Becker, a German worker who flew in Sunday for the rally. She works at the company’s Bad Hersfeld logistics center.

The one-day strike comes during the busy Christmas season for the online retailer. The German union Ver.di said Monday that workers were staging one-day warning strikes at Amazon logistics centers in Leipzig, Bad Hersfeld and Graben.


“What Amazon is doing is taking this American race-to-the-bottom roadshow to Germany and trying it out on our German brothers and sisters. They’ve come all the way from Germany to come to this corporate headquarters to say they’re not going to put up with it,” said David Freiboth, executive secretary of the King County Labor Council.


For its part, Amazon said its distribution warehouses in Germany are logistics centers and employees are already paid on the upper end of what workers in that industry earn. Their wage packages also include stock grants and bonuses.

The union says that by classifying its centers as “logistics” centers, Amazon can pay lower wages. [MORE]


Did the Amazon workers miss the drone story from a few weeks back?