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This B*tch Again

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Anti-Hillary Street Art Hits LA Ghetto

Hillary Clinton’s arrival in Los Angeles today, was coincidentally greeted by street art which appeared overnight in South Central Los Angeles. Posters mocking Clinton that read “THIS BITCH AGAIN” were spotted near the iconic Watts Towers, the University of Southern California and major South Los Angeles intersections. [ MORE ]

Hillary-Clinton-Appears-above-Watts-Towers-740x1110 Hillary-Clinton-Appears-above-Watts-Towers.2-740x1110 Hillary-Clinton-Appears-Florence-and-Normandie-740x493 Hillary-Clinton-Appears-Slauson-and-Crenshaw-740x493

They need to hang a few of these around other locales too. A few in downtown Seattle would cause bike wrecks and flustered unspeakable outrage-and tears. Heh.

“…and will to the best of my Ability, Preserve…

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….Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States.”


“We’re Screwed.”

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[Watch] Major Garrett Hot Mic Moment On Ebola – Says “We’re Screwed” Then Finds “Stupid Mic”

It could happen to anybody, as Major Garrett just learned in an incident in the White House briefing room. The topic had moved to the Ebola outbreak, which is still being downplayed as a non-threat worthy of virtual non-response by our ever feckless administration.

Usually the rational determinations of those who report on these types of things are kept to themselves. Today, Mr. Garrett’s true feelings came out in the form of a hot mic moment in which he was speaking to his fellow journalists.

The woman in the video walks over to Garrett, commenting that she thinks the “most interesting thing is that the travel has not stopped,” obviously referring to the failure of the regime to impose travel restrictions from the Ebola exporting nations. Major Garrett responds, saying simply, “Yeah, we’re screwed.” The woman can then be heard describing her concern over the results of a DC test on a person who had recently traveled to Nigeria. That person has symptoms which are described as being “Ebola-like and is quarantined at Howard University hospital in Washington, DC.

Soon afterwards, Garret discovers the open microphone and is not too pleased.

He can be heard to say, “Oh that’s right, we’ve got a stupid mic.” He walks over to the area where he had been seated, his customary spot, and tosses the mic onto the second row of seats.

He’s unfortunately probably right; everyone admits the flights should be banned, except those with the power and the responsibility to do so. [ via NationalTeaPartyFederation on Facebook and GOPDailyDose ]

Obama Ebola Bumper Stickers Appear Around Los Angeles

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See more at Truth Revolt

Vice President Joe Biden held up traffic around Los Angeles for a second day on Tuesday, but it was President Obama himself on the minds of many Southern California drivers as bumper stickers began appearing on area cars featuring the word Ebola with the Obama logo replacing the letter “o.” 



“Assistant President?!?”

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I am Woman- Hear Me Whine

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Yahoo! Style Outraged By Walmart’s ‘Sexist’ Batman T-Shirt 


Lauren Tuck unleashed against superhero-themed T-shirts that are supposedly “displaying blatantly sexist messages” in a Wednesday post in Yahoo’s Style section. Tuck cited a blogger who ranted against one such shirt at Walmart that features the slogan, “Training to be Batman’s Wife.” The writer not only targeted “chauvinistic apparel” involving DC Comics characters, but also two shirts related to Marvel Comics’ “The Avengers” series. The Yahoo! Style assistant editor led her item, “Sexist Superhero T-Shirts Cause Controvery,” by spotlighting how “this week, Thor, one of Marvel’s principal characters, became a woman. But while one aspect of the superhero universe is becoming more diverse, another is causing controversy.” She continued with her “blatantly sexist messages” line, and noted that the shirts are apparently “sparking indignation across social media platforms.” 


Tuck first zeroed in on “Training to be Batman’s Wife” T-shirt, and pointed out that “blogger PJ Curtis discovered [the] t-shirt in the junior’s section of Walmart…’The idea that you should settle for being married to or sleeping with someone awesome instead of being the awesome person is insulting,’ she wrote on her blog PJ Says. ‘This just happens to be aimed at a young girl. I resent the idea that she should “train” to be so Batman’s wife.’”


However, the Yahoo writer cherry-picked the parts of Curtis’s post that supported her charge of sexism. In reality, the blogger’s profanity-laced diatribe centered on her assertion that Batman would never marry, given his back story. She actually continued her “resent the idea” thought by hoping that a girl who might wear the T-shirt would “rather…train to be the Joker, Penguin, or Catwoman. At least she’d be doing her own thing.” 


The far left has been on the warpath against supposed racism and sexism in geek pop culture in recent months. [ MORE ]


iOTW had this story a few weeks ago.

Soccer Allows (an alleged) Domestic Abuser To Continue Her Record Setting Streak

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NFL- America’s sport.
Soccer- Liberals favorite Euroweenie sport

Hope Solo, a soccer goaltender, is in court defending herself from domestic abuse allegations.

“We are aware that Hope is handling a personal situation at the moment,” said Neil Buethe, U.S. Soccer director of communications, told USA Today’s Christine Brennan, who criticized the organization’s decision to honor Solo’s record last month. “At the same time, she has an opportunity to set a significant record that speaks to her hard work and dedication over the years with the National Team. While considering all factors involved, we believe that we should recognize that in the proper way.”hope

Survey Says: America’s Rudest Drivers Are in Idaho

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Idaho. The funny-shaped northwestern state is usually associated only with potatoes and… well, potatoes, I guess, but now we have a new stereotype: ungentlemanly drivers.

survey by Insure.com asked two thousand motorists which states they felt had the rudest drivers. To be sure, their answers were influenced by geography: New Hampshire drivers hate Massholes and New Yorkers aren’t fond of New Jerseyans, for example. Looking at common causes for complaints—drivers talking on the phone, tailgating, not signaling, weaving through lanes, and speeding—it’s clear “rude” is a polite synonym for “crappy,” or at least “obnoxious.”

Blue states on the East Coast are heavily represented in the rudest driver rankings, with Washington D.C., New York, Massachusetts, Delaware, Vermont, and New Jersey all in the top 10. North Dakota, Maine, and New Hampshire are listed as the nicest states for drivers. Maybe there’s something in that chilly, rural air that makes people kinder behind the wheel.

As for the Idahoans? One driver quoted in the survey said the state’s drivers “feel just fine taking their time, driving 5 to 10 miles an hour under the limit,” which would surely enrage the leadfoots in Arizona, where the Idahoans are most hated. { MORE }


Feel free to take to the comments to discuss the survey’s results.



Ooooooh! History Geek Alert!!!

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“Sons of Liberty” coming to the History channel sometime in December.

(please don’t be on auto play-please don’t be on auto play- auto play auto play….)

Taxes Costco Too Much-

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-Liquor fee fight pushes Costco to Washington State GOP

SEATTLE (AP) – Executives at Costco Wholesale have long been big supporters of Democratic causes and candidates, but an obscure liquor tax fight is prompting the company to support Washington state Republicans.

In the key battle for control of the state Senate this year, top Costco brass have essentially switched sides, backing the Republican Party’s efforts to maintain and expand its majority coalition, The Seattle Times reported, citing data from the state Public Disclosure Commission.

Employees and executives of the Issaquah-based retailer have donated more than $48,000 to Republicans and $17,000 to Democrats so far this year in state contests – a big turnaround from 2012, when they gave $93,000 to Democrats and $21,000 to Republicans in state races.

“We’ve had support from certain Republicans in the Legislature, and we thought it was appropriate. It’s as simple as that,” said company co-founder Jim Sinegal, who described the change as “kinda conspicuous.”

“I’ve been supportive of Democrats in the past, and on a national basis continue to be,” he said.

The switch comes after many Senate Democrats opposed legislation sought by Costco that would eliminate a 17 percent fee that retailers must charge on liquor they sell to restaurants and bars. Liquor-distribution wholesalers pay a 5 percent fee on sales to restaurants and bars, and Costco and its allies in the grocery and restaurant industries say the 17-percent fee they’re subject to makes it too expensive for restaurants to buy from Costco or other retailers if they run out of booze between deliveries. [MORE]


Did they learn anything from this? Likely, no.


WWII vet & preschooler reunite for play date

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Link to Video

-reaches for Kleenex box. *sniff*

TGIF: Cabin Living

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Meet Jack English, a 93-year-old legend who lives in a cabin isolated deep in the Ventana Wilderness.

While on a hunting trip he learned that an old homestead in the Ventana Wilderness was being put up for auction by the estate of a childless heiress. He put a bid on the property and won. On the land he built a small cabin using materials from the land and milling trees by hand. When his wife passed away, Jack effectively left “society” and moved to the cabin full time.

JACK from Grace Jackson on Vimeo.

A Half Hour Before the Big Speech-

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- food for thought found on Twitter via @iowahawkblog playing the current hashtag game #

When “I’d Rather Be Kitesurfing” meets “I’d Rather Be Golfing”-

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-It’s OH so Sad. (more snark at Twitchy)



A post for the iOTWer Gamer Geeks

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from Game Spot

Buy This Epic-Looking George Washington Xbox 360 Theme to Support Call of Duty Veterans’ Charity


The Call of Duty Endowment and Microsoft have partnered to create an epic-looking George Washington Xbox 360 theme that you can buy to help military veterans find jobs.

The Xbox 360 theme (above) was designed by artist Jason Heuser (see more of his amazing work here) and features a gun-wielding, bald eagle-holding George Washington with an American flag backdrop. The theme can be yours through a donation to the Call of Duty Endowment for $1, $5, $10, or $20. You can buy the theme today through the Xbox Marketplace. (This promo was for Labor Day but it is still active now)

The Call of Duty Endowment is a non-profit organization created by Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick and dedicated to helping military veterans find high quality jobs. It was established in 2009 and to date, has helped find jobs for over 5,400 veterans.

“Thanks to Microsoft and Xbox, we have an incredible opportunity to not only raise money for the Endowment, but also to engage millions of gamers in the cause of giving veterans access to high quality careers,” Call of Duty Endowment executive director Dan Goldenberg said in a statement. “This campaign is going to help put veterans to work.”


Not a gamer? Go to the artist’s web page and download Reagan “The Liberator” for your desktop…

ronald_reagan_the_liberator_by_sharpwriter-d7lmkqsHave a nice weekend!


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Michelle Obama Does Funny or Die, Because Junk Food is Killing Us All

Funny or Die released a new video today featuring a very special cameo from Michelle Obama. It’s a parody of The Hunger Games, Divergent, et al, crossed with a healthy eating PSA.

The resulting video, “Snackpocalypse,” is not remotely funny.

Yeah, yeah, kids are not eating healthy enough, whatever. The joke falls flat, though—it’s too generic. The creators could have replaced junk food with any other perceived social problem and made pretty much the same video. Snack food-shaming fits here only because it’s what Michelle Obama is best known for.

This isn’t the first time an Obama has appeared in a Funny or Die video; President Obama sat down for a scripted interview with Zach Galifianakis on his awkwardly hilarious “Between Two Ferns.” The video was a plug for Healthcare.gov and did earn some laughs, despite being propaganda. “Snackpocalypse,” on the other hand, is unfunny propaganda. [ MORE ]


Sorry if you watched this and then lost your lunch…

If He’s Lost Western Washington state-

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-Obama must really be in the crapper. I practically wrecked my car when I saw this yesterday. I was out running errands and drove by it too fast to stop with traffic stacked up behind me. I vowed to swing by there again today and snap a pic to share if it was still up. Amazingly enough, no libtard bicyclist has stopped on the bike path in front of the honey bucket to remove the sign.

It reads: Obama Library-Full Of Crap.


I Know Where Your Cat Lives

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50% Fun-50% Creepy.


Click to see random cats from around the world.