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You need to know Thorium

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Many of you may not be aware of the element Thorium and the potential it has to be THE future energy source for the world for generations.  I have mentioned it multiple times in comments and BFH even posted a video I provided a few years ago.

Here are two videos that explain it better than I ever could.  Both are based on speeches by Kirk Sorensen, who has dedicated his life to promoting Thorium as an energy source, and Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors as the mechanism to provide that energy:

LFTR in five minutes:  A fast-paced video for those who are quick learners (ADD) or don’t have a lot of time to spend on the details.

LFTR in an hour:  A slower paced and more thorough explanation.

There was a prototype molten salt reactor at Oak Ridge that ran for almost 12 years without incident.

Fighting Tyranny At The Local Level

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Glenelg High School (g is silent) is in the rural part of Howard County, MD. Given its proximity to DC and Baltimore, it is surprising to see so much farmland. Many of the school’s students work on farms and, one day a year, they drive their tractors to school. It’s quite a sight. The area is still very conservative in an increasingly liberal county of an extremely liberal state. The district is represented by conservative republicans at the county and state levels.  

Two years ago the county council voted to allow portable speeding cameras in “school zones” to capture speeding drivers.

They started with special minivans, modified to include the cameras inside. They were clearly labeled so attentive drivers could recognize them. This is how they got the original law passed. Last year they got greedy and modified the law to allow small steel boxes to be considered portable. They look exactly like the control boxes you see next to traffic lights.

This portable system was placed right in front of the high school. It only lasted a few weeks.

Nobody has been charged in the case, and probably nobody ever will.

Rumor has it a Gadsden flag was found near the scene…

Happy Birthday Mr. Pinko

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The Federalist Papers

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This is an important read, penned by Madison, on why he did not think the federal government would be able to overwhelm the people or the states. The warning contained herein has not been heeded by the people or the states.


Now THIS is a Christmas Gift

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The TRUTH about Obamacare DVD is now up at Amazon.com. An 8 part comprehensive deconstruction of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act by C Steven Tucker. http://www.amazon.com/Truth-About-Obamacare-DVD/dp/B00GW3SAWO/ref=sr_1_1?s=movies-tv&ie=UTF8&qid=1385319030&sr=1-1&keywords=truth+about+obamacare

Stop Calling It A Game!

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Guest post by Jethro.


It is a crime.  It’s called assault. That’s what striking someone is; plain and simple.

It has to be defined that way so that the legal system can effectively prosecute criminals when caught. Most crimes are defined in the simplest terms so that a jury can look past all the “extenuating circumstances” (he came from a broken family….boohoohoo…) and address the crime in terms of  “did he do it, or not?” This is what the jury did in the Zimmerman case. They looked past the idiotic attempts by the press, race baiters, and the prosecutors whose agenda is to mitigate, or aggravate, crimes committed by, or against, blacks.

By the press continually calling it a game, the immoral thugs can Full Story

Fighting Common Core

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Guest post by Jethro-

Many of you are familiar with this video of the concerned parent being manhandled at a Maryland local school board hearing regarding common core.  It has almost one million views.

An acquaintance of mine, Ann Miller, filmed it. She is a very active conservative at the local and state level in Maryland, and also writes for Examiner.com. (She’s also been a guest on Glenn Beck’s television show.)

Ann organized a protest against Common Core (CCSS) on Monday, November 18th, in Baltimore, in front of the Maryland Department of Education headquarters.

Over 50 people showed up at this impromptu event. People who attended represented seven surrounding counties. I was proud to participate and support Ann in her efforts to combat this department of education disaster. Watch the video and see if you can find me…

Watch David Barton tear common core to shreds:


Pinko, Angry White Dude and BigFurHat Will Be On The Andrea Shea King Radio Show Tonight

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Listen HERE

Nine-ish ET

You can also listen in on the show by dialing

(646) 478-4604

and speak with Andrea and her guests


Freaky Tuesday

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Honor All Who Served

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Full Story

Million Vet March on the Monuments 10/13/2013

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iOwnTheWorld Man on the street – Jethro

I arrived at the WWII memorial at around 9 AM.  The “barrycades” were already piled up along the street.  It was a little unorganized at first and they didn’t have a podium for the speakers.  Sarah Palin, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz spoke first, followed by Steve Stockman, who I believe organized the event.

General William G. “Jerry” Boykin led the vets in re-pledging their oath to the constitution.

Some truckers arrived during the event, forming a small convoy that circled the mall.

After all the speakers were finished we headed to both the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial in two separate groups.  I arrived at the Vietnam Vets Memorial right after someone pulled down the “barrycade”.  It was a solemn experience.  You could almost hear a pin drop as we passed by the Wall of Names.

I came across a gentleman (who may have been a vet) as he found a name of someone he recognized.  He dropped to his knees and touched the name.  He continued caressing the spot on the wall as he said something under his breath.  Watching that was a humbling experience.  I chose not to take a photograph out of respect for him and in honor of the soldier he was remembering.

As I left the memorial I looked back to take a picture of the crowd passing through.  I saw the statue of the three soldiers and took a photo.  Just then I realized something I had never recognized before – the statue is positioned so that the three soldiers are posed so they are looking over at the wall, like they are on point for all those who died to protect our freedoms.

At the Lincoln Memorial I witnessed the last of the “barrycades” being removed.  Two park service employees (not rangers) tried to replace one Full Story


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Guest post by Racist.

Here’s a pretty good description of the Progressive mindset toward religion.

I assume it theoretically encompasses all religions (except Global Warming, that is), but of course it’s directed at Christianity.

It exposes how Progtards view God  (gods) as the oppressor and humans as either victims or the zealots who side with “the gods” in their quest to restrain “science” because science is the humans’ weapon that will overthrow the gods and end their oppression of man!

It pretty much sums up “Progressivism” and why the Left are true believers in what they see as “progress” in human advancement.

Apparently the left really do see themselves as living the prequel to Gene Rodenberry’s  world of Star Trek!

I thought it was the Obamas and the Rockefellers and Rothschilds of the world with the god-complex, but apparently it’s the entire Left and part of the middle. -Racist



Long time iOTW reader and friend, “The Doktor” Has Passed Away

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From Karl Ushanka -

With a heavy heart I have to convey the loss of our comrade, Doktor.

He suffered a massive heart attack on Wednesday, was taken off life support on Friday, and passed peacefully on Saturday.

His wife just called me with the news and asked me to pass this on to the group.  She told me that they have a large support groups there between family, friends and community members.


The Doktor was one of the names and avatars that made me feel that all was right with our little iOwnTheWorld. Always funny, always on point. I went and looked to see how many comments The Doktor made over the years – 4,588.

He made his first comment on May 6th, 2010. It was for a mother’s day card contest.

Dear Mom,

Thanks for having a go with Dad that one last time.


See what I mean? He will be sorely missed.

Oh, and BTW,

Dear Doktor’s mom. Thanks for having that go with your husband the day that produced such a nice man.

Goodbye Doktor. Hope to see you again one day.

-  BFH


My sincere condolences to Doktor’s friends and family.
His virtual iotw friends who are like family-will miss him too.

- illustr8r


I knew The Doktor as a dedicated family man, loyal Christian,  staunch Conservative with an impressive knowledge of The Founders, and a huge fan of rock n roll. There wasn’t a question about classic rock that could stump him.


I will miss his jokes, his sarcasm and his emails.


I will miss his catchy, positive, upbeat spirit.
I  wish he had more time on this Earth so that everyone could have gotten to know my friend, too.My condolences and prayers go to his loving family and faithful friends.
Dok, say Hello to the rock legends up there for me.

-Cardigan. Full Story


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In light of recent events and the continuing threat of madmen in the world, iOTW endorses this guest post by Mary From Marin. Everybody should take the appropriate steps to prepare themselves and their loved ones against any future attack. This post speaks specifically about places of worship and its vulnerabilities.

All Saints Church  (
Church of the Annunciation & Church of the Martyrs (Syria
Church of St. George & Church of the Virgin Mary (Egypt
Church Bethel Injil (Indonesia
Hiawatha Church (Ohio
Sikh Temple (Wisconsin
Congregation Beth El (New Jersey
Christ Holy Sanctified (Oklahoma)
What do these places have in common? They are all places where violence has occurred—and they are all churches.
Most churches—like schools (think Beslan and Newtown) and shopping malls (think Nairobi)—are soft targets. People do not expect violence to occur in their places of worship, and are therefore generally oblivious to safety and security issues.
However, because of their vulnerability, churches are often targeted: by the homeless, by the mentally ill, by disgruntled parishioners, by spouses angered due to pastoral marital counseling which has “gone against them”, by thieves, by pedophiles, by gangs, and also by those wishing to make a statement through violent means–ideological terrorists.
Is your church, synagogue, or temple a physically safe place for you and your family? There are organizations which focus on safety in churches, and some books that address these issues. I’d like to highlight one of each of these:  Black Watch Threat Management Services, and the book, Wolves Among the Sheep: Protecting Your Church from Violence. Full Story

Interview With Sam Janney

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One of the politichicks talks about Rinos, why she got into politics and her future as a candidate.


The Progs are Coming, The Progs are Coming? The Progs are HERE!

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Guest post by Houston Keys

By now you’ve probably seen the picture that has many folks up in arms -

Textbook version: “The people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.”

Actual 2nd Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

I followed up to see if this was legitimate (it claimed to be from a school in Denton, TX.)

I live about fifteen miles away so easy enough to do.  Sadly it does appear to be a legitimate story.

The school in question is Guyer High School which is part of Denton Independent School District.  I don’t know at this point if all of DISD is using this book, but sadly I suspect it is.  Full Story

Unloading the Baggage

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For Alex -

By The Black Rose