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The Armed Citizen, Sept 2014

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By Jethro

DELAND, Fla. –

A 68-year-old man fought back after finding burglars in his home who were armed with a crowbar.

The two suspects broke into the man’s enclosed pool area in the 2200 block of Country Club Road in Deland on Aug. 15.

Neighbors said they think because the Deland Country Club is now abandoned, their houses have become a target for crime. They said the clubhouse has been broken into several times and now, and so has the house immediately next door.

When Thomas Ostermann came face-to-face with two burglars in his screened-in pool, he grabbed his gun to protect his property, said the deputy’s report.

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Happy Birthday Admin Girl!

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Robin Williams Riffs On Jihad

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HT/ FDR in Hell




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Admin Girl-headlines

Mother of special needs child responds to Rahm Emanuel’s decision to bring 1,000 illegal Obamakids to Chicago

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Chicago is too broke to take care of its own, yet Rahm is out there with his pom-poms asking Obama to send him more illegals.

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C. Steven Tucker Principal broker at www.HealthInsuranceMentors.com


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We MUST keep calling our representatives and tell them NO on the border bailout unless they include the Cruz language to end Obama’s illegal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. The House bill doesn’t sufficiently stop DACA.

Please call Congress NOW and tell them:

1. No to the House $659 million border bailout UNLESS they add

2. Cruz DACA fix language (HR5160)

3. Chaffetz/Goodlatte OTM/UAC fix language (HR5137)

Find your Rep here > http://www.teapartypatriots.org/stopamnesty/


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An anti-gun libtard writing about guns is like AWD writing about skin moisturizers! I don’t know jack about beauty tips (don’t need ‘em, I’m naturally sexy) and libs sure as sh*t don’t know a damn thang about firearms. Except that guns scare them.

Enter Yahoo Finance writer Douglas A McIntyre. Doug is just worked himself up in a little ol’ tizzy about Beretta’s New Super Rifle. My guess is guns scare Doug, too. As does running out of lavender scented bubble bath. He appears to be a sensitive guy. Not much of a finance writer, but a sensitive guy.

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Another Armed Granny

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The Bill of Rights Primer

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By Jethro

Order a copy here.

From the publisher:

Everyone should know how the meaning of the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms was drastically changed — and expanded — by the 14th Amendment enacted after the Civil War. You can learn all about this in the new Bill of Rights Primer, by Les Adams, author of The Second Amendment Primer and Yale law professor Akhil Amar. One reviewer calls this book “One of the most important books about constitutional interpretation of its generation.” Another says “it is essential reading for anyone who claims to care about American freedom.”

I have a copy of this book and use it as a reference when I need to understand the background for a particular constitutional amendment.  Every patriot should own a copy. – Jethro


The Armed Citizen – July 2014

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By Jethro-

Victoria Davison had just parked her vehicle in Milwaukee, Wisc. when a pair of criminals approached and ordered her to hand over her car keys. Then one of the men said, “Go get the cannon,” which prompted Davison to act. Fearing for her life, Davison, a Right-to-Carry permit holder, retrieved a gun and fired at the criminals, striking one of the robbers. Police eventually captured both of the criminals, whom they believe are linked to other crimes in the area. Click here to read more GOOD news.

Palestinians forced to flee following failed rocket attack

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Hamas Uses Terror as Domestic PR

Jerusalem—Hours after Hamas sent volleys of rockets at Tel Aviv, the Israeli Defense Forces today advised Palestinian residents of a neighborhood in northern Gaza to evacuate because the Israeli Air Force intended to carry out a massive attack in the area.

Thousands of residents in the area, a major launching point for rockets fired into Israel, began to stream to United Nations facilities in an adjacent neighborhood to find shelter.

The flight followed a failed Palestinian attempt to defeat Israel’s anti-missile system, Iron Dome. Stymied in its efforts to penetrate Israel’s defenses by rocket attacks on its urban centers and through special operations, Hamas on Saturday attempted a blatant public relations exercise that achieved limited success, at least on its home front.

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Trevor Loudon Thanks You For Your Time – ” God knows, we haven’t much left.”

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Happy Birthday Jerry Manderin

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Dear Kitten

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FDR in Hell -

Army Ranger Retires Because of Obama

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HT/ Tsunami

Tina Brown – Buggy Whip Saleswoman

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You’ve probably heard of the “buggy whip” as an example of an industry put out of business due to a changing marketplace (you don’t need to whip an automobile). Well, Tina Brown’s screed at The Daily Beast sounds exactly like what you would’ve expected to hear from a disgruntled buggy whip salesman .

“Now everyone leaking and tweeting and posting on everyone else is the acknowledged way to get ahead in the 21st century. The digitally native generation has no idea what has been lost to the freedom of intimacy that has no fear of being recorded. Monica’s new musings just remind us of how the death of privacy started. The press was at the height of its power when the Monica story began and Drudge was its underbelly.” – Tina Brown


OK Tina – instead of what your legacy media did,  provide safe harbor for favored candidates with puff pieces, the new media exposes slimeballs for what they really are,  The cure for this dilemma is for people in the public eye to actually have MORALS and ETHICS.  I hope, over time,  the new media forces the current scum that permeates politics to scurry into the shadows like the cockroaches they are. This should allow for real patriots like Washington, Madison and Jefferson to rise to the top.



The Armed Citizen – May 2014

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Three armed men entered Duece’s Smoke Shop in Pharr, Texas and attempted to rob the store. An owner responded to the threat by retrieving a gun and firing at the criminals, striking and killing one, and causing the others to flee. Police captured one of the suspects shortly after the shooting and have charged him with murder in the death of his accomplice. Pharr Police chief Ruben Villescas told local media that he does not expect the store owner to be charged.

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I Was Always Upset Over Those Cotton Picking Lessons In School

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Oh. They literally mean cotton picking lessons.
KIRO 7 Eyewitness News: Parent upset about cotton picking lesson http://www.kirotv.com/news/news/parent-upset-about-cotton-picking-lesson/nfkyd/
No point in learning about the Industrial Revolution or the American Revolution bcuz it’ll offend someone. – illustr8r