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New polling, discussion website. Check it out here.

Liberal Media Says South Dakota Senate in Play

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“Scandal” story here

Typical Lib Reaction

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Dad mows his son’s games so he’ll get a job!

Wish You Were Here? – iOTW – weigh in

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“NYPD Assault Arrest Musician for Playing a Song Even After Verifying He Hadn’t Broken Any Laws”
By Cassandra Rules
Read more here

“What” the Police?

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St. Louis Sunday Football Disrupted by Ferguson Protestors.

So, What You Are Saying is, We Need to Secure our Borders to Process Outsiders Coming into the U.S.

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Citizen Pulls Over Police Officer

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See the details here

Obama Rediscovers His “Black” Accent

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[Watch] Obama Rediscovers His “Black Accent,” Tells Black Voters Amnesty is Good For Them

Article and video here

Reminds me of this


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H/T Geezerish

Democrats Still Say NO to Travel Ban

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Effectiveness of Ebola travel ban questioned
Associated Press By ERICA WERNER

WASHINGTON (AP) — A ban on travel from West Africa might seem like a simple and smart response to the frightening Ebola outbreak there. It’s become a central demand of Republicans on Capitol Hill and some Democrats, and is popular with the public. But health experts are nearly unanimous in saying it’s a bad idea that could backfire.
The experts’ key objection is that a travel ban could prevent needed medical supplies, food and health care workers from reaching Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, the nations where the epidemic is at its worst. Without that aid, the deadly virus might spread to wider areas of Africa, making it even more of a threat to the U.S. and the world, experts say.


When the travel ban is finally enacted (too late) what will happen to the asshats in charge? Mr. Pinko

Thank You American Thinker

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American Thinker

Kay Hagan Flip-Flops on Ebola Travel Ban

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Days after saying it wouldn’t solve the problem, Hagan calls ban ‘a prudent step’
BY: Andrew Stiles


“a prudent step” – NO SHIT YOU DUMB F#CK! Hey North Carolina – are you going to re-elect this MORON?

Pin the Fail on the Donkey

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Irony Curtain goes Viral (no he doesn’t have Ebola!)

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Alarm after vomiting passenger dies on flight from Nigeria to JFK

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By Philip Messing and Laura Italiano

A plane from Nigeria landed at JFK Airport Thursday with a male passenger aboard who had died during the flight after a fit of vomiting — and CDC officials conducted a “cursory” exam before announcing there was no Ebola and turning the corpse over to Port Authority cops to remove, Rep. Peter King said on Thursday.

“It was what I was told a cursory examination. The Port Authority cops and personnel from Customs and Border Protection were there, and they were told there was no danger because the person did not have Ebola,” King said.

“But their concern was, how could you tell so quickly? And what adds to the concern is how wrong the CDC has been over the past few weeks.”


Dems Politicizing Ebola

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CONTACT your Congressman and Senator – ASK them to PASS/SUPPORT a TRAVEL BAN!

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CONTACT your Congressman and Senator – ASK them to PASS/SUPPORT a temporary EBOLA TRAVEL BAN!

Every Zombie Virus Apocalypse Movie Starts This Way

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