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A NJ Resident writes to Gov. Christi

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Dear Gov. Christi,
I’m sure you are aware of the horrific event in Oklahoma City, where a deranged Muslim beheaded a former co-worker in an act of domestic jihad. A second woman escaped the same fate only because a co-worker was armed with a handgun and was able to stop the attack. In the face of this evidence of an omnipresent danger, especially in a state like NJ which is the center of so much Muslim immigration, I urge you to reconsider the ridiculous restrictions on owning and possessing firearms in the state of NJ. Citizens must be allowed to protect themselves. The radicalization of the American Muslim population is a ticking time-bomb. Denying us our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms (yes, that’s bear, as in carry), is going to mean a death sentence for more and more innocent Americans as this radicalization increases. You can make a difference. You can save lives. I urge you to change the law restricting concealed carry permits to a select few with political connections. Every life is precious. We should have the means to defend them. Thank you.

KDSK-TV in St. Louis reports that a Ferguson, Mo., police officer has been shot

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Story here

New Home Run Trot?

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Road Rage: You Know It’s a Bad Day when Sponge Bob Square Pants, Mickey Mouse and Gang Kick Your Ass!

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Officer Betsy Randolph “I wish I had killed him.”

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Woman hit by California officer gets $1.5 million

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LOS ANGELES (AP) — A woman punched repeatedly by a California Highway Patrol officer on the side of a freeway in an incident caught on video will receive $1.5 million under a settlement, and the officer has agreed to resign.

Story / Video here

Latte Salute – You’re so Rude

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Jimmy Fallon Destroys Obama with One Joke!

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h/t link

Where are the “strikes make more terrorists” Democrats?

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2009 Obama Administration Declares “War on Terror” is Over

One year ago – when Obama wanted to go to war with Syria

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BREAKING: U.S. starts bombing ISIL targets in Syria

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BUSH Obama starts bombing

Mr. Pinko Personal Experience Tonight

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Went to a Block Party in my neighborhood here in the North East. Of course, all the neighbors who were meeting for the first time, were talking about the weather. As they discussed the approaching “bad” winter we’re “suppose” to get, the guy next to me said, “It’s all Global Warming’s fault”. I thought the remark was said in sarcasm and I laughed… a lot. It wasn’t. I think I sincerely laughed hard enough that it embarrassed him and shut him up.

Kentucky firefighter dies after ice bucket challenge accident

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By Steve Bittenbender

LOUISVILLE KY. (Reuters) – A Kentucky firefighter who was severely injured a month ago while helping college students take part in an “ice-bucket” fundraiser died on Saturday from his injuries, authorities said.

Captain Tony Grider, 41, of Campbellsville was hurt along with three other firefighters when an aerial ladder got too close to a power line as their department doused a university band with water.


UPDATE on Mandy Nagy

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UPDATE on Mandy

Title “Luckiest Guy in the World”

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Mr. Pinko’s title “Asshole that deserves to be dead”

Ray Rice Cooked

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Baltimore Ravens release Ray Rice because of this

CIA tortured suspects to ‘the point of death’: report

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Article here

Mr. Pinko, “yawn”

$15 an hour material?

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