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Did Latest DeBlasio Roker Tweet Go Too Far?

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I’m Not Usually A Stickler For Knowing Ingredients But In This Case…

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They’re Ready For Hillary, God Help Us.

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Was Whoopi Goldberg Not Available?

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Not since smokin’ hot Dianne Lane was slated to play the Cantankerous Cankle, Hillary Clinton, has Hollywood gone so deranged.
Bette Midler, with a face that launched a thousand gag reflexes, will play Mae West, a woman who achieved legendary icon status for her sex appeal.
Ms. Midler has a sex appeal that only registers with liberal, flaming men.


The film will be directed by The Exorcist director William Friedkin.


Heaven Is For Real

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Bill Clinton’s Disturbing Doodles

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Among the various Bill Clinton doodles hacked and released to the world by the infamous Guccifer last night, the one that has somehow flown under the radar so far is the smiling man standing next to a piece of chicken and sporting an enormous boner. Who is this man, and why is he aroused by the chicken? Daily Intelligencer spent a good chunk of the past couple of hours investigating these questions.

The most popular interpretation of Chicken Boner Man — as proposed in the comments section of Gawker — is that he is supposed to represent Bob Dole. The circumstantial evidence is compelling: The drawing appears directly adjacent to Dole’s name, and Dole is a well-known former pitchman for Viagra. Full Story

Jacko’s Dr. Murray – ‘You want to know how close we were? I held his penis every night…”

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Venezuelan military seizes major retail chain

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More Idiocy We’ll Be Experiencing Soon.

These imbeciles have absolutely no idea that if the government gives away a company’s plasma TVs there won’t be any TVs made in the future.


One person described the move as “government-sanctioned looting.”

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Deep Down, You Know Who’s Side Obama’s On

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B. Hussein Obama’s Sons Of Anarchy

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Imagine Headline Accuracy In Reporting Obama’s Foreign Policy

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Jew Hater Dead 2, Electric Bugaloo (From June 2010)

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Trayvon It’s A Crazy Feeling I Know It’s Got Me Reeling

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National Association for the Advancement of Crazy Progressivism

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Let The Punishment Fit Kermit’s Crime

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In a perfect world, Kermit the Baby Butcher would face an industrial lopper to the back of the neck. After all, he’s just a late, late, late, late, late term abortion.

I Want My A La Carte TV

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John McCain, the media’s favorite “maverick” – unless he’s actively running for something – has just introduced a bill in congress called the Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013.
Normally, my iron clad rule of thumb is to take any side this guy is against but I have to admit he may have a point here.
The bill would allow consumers to buy only the cable channels they want “a la carte” and not have 500 others jammed down their throats.
Does anyone recall the original promise of cable TV?
More than 30 years ago we asked, “why should we pay 20 dollars a month for TV when it doesn’t cost anything now?”
The official answer was, “because programming will be commercial free!” Not only that, we were going to get much more than the dozen or so channels we were used to. That was then. My, how times have changed.
They were certainly right about the channels. We got hundreds. And then, hundreds more.
And every damn one of them has commercials up the wazoo except the classic movie channel. (Their policy is to remain commercial free but to destroy your will to live with commentary by Drew Barrymore and Cher.)
The cost of cable, which is easily over 200 dollars a month, doesn’t even include any of the other movie channels which are all “extra”.
Why in God’s name am I paying for hundreds of channels of programming I have absolutely no need for?

I’m not the parent of small kids anymore so I don’t need Nickelodeon or any of the kids networks.

I’m an English speaking American so I don’t want 10 Spanish language stations.

I’m not a liberal so I have no use for CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CNN, MSNBC, HBO, or “Comedy” Central.

I’m not gay, (or even sure about all those letters in that LGBTQ thing), so I don’t need Bravo, Logo, or HDTV.

I have no interest in professional sports so I don’t want ESPN, or any of the other 20 sports networks.

I don’t choose my entertainment based on the color of people’s skin so I have no use for BET.

I’m old enough to remember the original Global Cooling Hoax so I don’t want the Current network.

I love my country so I don’t need Robert Redford’s channel.

I’m not an imbecile so I have no use for MTV or E!

I’m not a 10th Century Savage bent on beheading people because I just saw a woman without a dishrag on her head so I don’t want Algore-Jazeera.

In fact, ironically, more than 30 years after first getting cable I think I can now narrow my viewing preferences down to a dozen or so channels.
Look, I don’t want to dictate to anyone else what they can and should be watching. If you want to start a new LGBTQ network, go right ahead. More power to ya. And if you want to choose between 20 LGBTQ networks on your cable system you have my blessing. I just don’t want to pay for it anymore.
-Irony Curtain

An iOTW “Earth Day” Perennial

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How can you do your part on this so-called “Earth Day”? Easy! Any time you get an email today from some business or individual telling you to “go green” or some similar crap, reply to them with this graphic and tell them they’ve earned a subscription to GreeNazi magazine!


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B. Hussein Obama – Once Again Protecting Savage islamists, Lecturing American Victims of islam

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