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BigFurHat Sighting Update

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I got a call from BFH about an hour ago. He had passed through Savannah, Georgia. And from what he told me, the area of the city he passed through was made to be passed through!

Exclusive: Official BFH Sighting

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I have it on direct authority from the man himself that he has just left South of the Border on Route 95 where it was reported he may have taken some rude photos with the gorilla statue. Note: That is NOT BFH posing under Pedro. south_of_the_border

An iOTW “Earth Day” Perennial

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Updated version of one of our first posts ever. How can you do your part on this so-called “Earth Day”? Easy! Any time you get an email today from some business or individual telling you to “go green” or some similar crap, reply to them with this graphic and tell them they’ve earned a subscription to GreeNazi magazine!
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Did Latest DeBlasio Roker Tweet Go Too Far?

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I’m Not Usually A Stickler For Knowing Ingredients But In This Case…

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They’re Ready For Hillary, God Help Us.

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Was Whoopi Goldberg Not Available?

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Not since smokin’ hot Dianne Lane was slated to play the Cantankerous Cankle, Hillary Clinton, has Hollywood gone so deranged.
Bette Midler, with a face that launched a thousand gag reflexes, will play Mae West, a woman who achieved legendary icon status for her sex appeal.
Ms. Midler has a sex appeal that only registers with liberal, flaming men.


The film will be directed by The Exorcist director William Friedkin.


Heaven Is For Real

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Bill Clinton’s Disturbing Doodles

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Among the various Bill Clinton doodles hacked and released to the world by the infamous Guccifer last night, the one that has somehow flown under the radar so far is the smiling man standing next to a piece of chicken and sporting an enormous boner. Who is this man, and why is he aroused by the chicken? Daily Intelligencer spent a good chunk of the past couple of hours investigating these questions.

The most popular interpretation of Chicken Boner Man — as proposed in the comments section of Gawker — is that he is supposed to represent Bob Dole. The circumstantial evidence is compelling: The drawing appears directly adjacent to Dole’s name, and Dole is a well-known former pitchman for Viagra. Full Story

Jacko’s Dr. Murray – ‘You want to know how close we were? I held his penis every night…”

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Venezuelan military seizes major retail chain

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More Idiocy We’ll Be Experiencing Soon.

These imbeciles have absolutely no idea that if the government gives away a company’s plasma TVs there won’t be any TVs made in the future.


One person described the move as “government-sanctioned looting.”

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Deep Down, You Know Who’s Side Obama’s On

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B. Hussein Obama’s Sons Of Anarchy

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Imagine Headline Accuracy In Reporting Obama’s Foreign Policy

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Jew Hater Dead 2, Electric Bugaloo (From June 2010)

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Trayvon It’s A Crazy Feeling I Know It’s Got Me Reeling

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National Association for the Advancement of Crazy Progressivism

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Let The Punishment Fit Kermit’s Crime

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In a perfect world, Kermit the Baby Butcher would face an industrial lopper to the back of the neck. After all, he’s just a late, late, late, late, late term abortion.