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Hey, Who’s Up For a Good Old-Fashioned Lynching??

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You know, the kind your DEMOCRAT grandaddy used to participate in. If you’re from a republican family you might call a democrat to tell you how to make the noose.



Pro-Hagan flyer has a picture of a lynching. Was put on cars parked at a Fayetteville church on Sunday


Frank Schaeffer

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I put his name in the title so when he goes ego-surfing he’ll find this post.

This guy spent a long time writing thousands of words (none of them big) to make the point that the TEAPARTYBOOSHFOXRIGHTWINGNOISEMACHINE is racist.

You don’t have to read his scribbling. Here’s a picture he chose to illustrate the TEAPARTYBOOSHFOXRIGHTWING’s racism-


Isn’t the racism just dripping off this pic?

Hey Frank, you dum-dum, please come here and defend your asinine charge that this picture (author unknown) is racist.  Stay on point and don’t digress, speckling everyone’s shirt within your 15 foot froth radius, with tangential crap. Explain how this picture is racist. That’s it. Simple.

We will all be here, patiently waiting, in order to hear the prolix ravings of a lunatic.


ht/ finai


Ice Hoe Challenge

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Decent fake, but it’s fake. If you look carefully you can see some telltale signs that it’s been digitally manipulated.

ht/ Moe Tom

Update To a Story By THE PUNDIT PRESS

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Aurelius, of The Pundit Press, sent me this story on Thursday.

It was a great one. Aurelius saw a Craig’s List ad placed by a Seattle socialist group that’s been pushing hard for a $20 an hour minimum wage (20 bucks an hour for a drop-out pushing a broom… in the wrong direction) but only willing to pay their potential new employee (with a laundry list of high-skilled duties) $13 an hour.

I may only be qualified to push a broom (in the wrong direction) but I could immediately see this was a great story. Now it’s everywhere, and I really don’t see Pundit Press getting their due. Furthermore, now there is an update to the story (the group is stammering and stuttering with a weak reason for their hypocrisy) and the story is that much more ubiquitous, and Pundit Press is a distant memory. That’s not right.

Equally as important to the story of the hypocritical socialist is how a conservative blogger’s work ends up on the “elite” conservative blogs and there isn’t one word about The Pundit Press. To be fair, one biggie, The Daily Caller, identified The Pundit Press as the blog who broke the story. But they did it in a “hat tip” after their post, stuck in the bowels of the story’s sediment. A hat tip is reserved for a person that directs you to a story on another blog. It’s not appropriate, nor enough, after lifting the story from the blog who broke it. You put the link in the BODY of the story, up top. My mother taught me that one. This is how other blogs pick it up and, understandably and innocently, omit the person responsible for it all.

I’ve laid low lately on this issue because I don’t think the majority of people want to hear about how “conservatives suck too.” But many of us do. I’ve had run-ins with people who take the step to strip off your credits and then tell you with a straight face that they haven’t done anything wrong. If they can do that, not linking a story breaker is a walk in the park. Oh well / rant off.

Pundit Press, you done good.



Tina Brown Offers Her Reason Why Women Don’t Like Obama

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Isn’t this racist???


Noxious Surrogates

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The Utah Department of Public Safety is now investigating an incident of grave concern where the Utah National Guard’s 19th Special Forces Group allowed a group of bikini-clad British models into its Draper compound and gave them access to their equipment so the women could shoot their 2015 “Hot Shots” calendar.


ht/ Pogosticks- pogosgang.com


The below calendar picture, however, would prompt no such investigation: (I can’t even post this on the front page. I find it revolting.)


The Darkside of iOwnTheWorld - by - October 20, 2014 - 14:44 America/New_York - 13 Comments

Gay Soldiers

Monica Lewinsky’s New Mission is to “End Cyber Bullying”

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Story HERE (with unfortunate pic of Monica)


How Did Nigeria Become Ebola Free? By Not Listening To President Obongo

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If Obola was in charge in Africa, WHO would be declaring a pandemic.


Nigeria has been declared officially free of Ebola after six weeks with no new cases, the World Health Organization (WHO) says.

WHO representative Rui Gama Vaz, speaking in the capital Abuja, said it was a “spectacular success story”.

Nigeria won praise for its swift response after a Liberian diplomat brought the disease there in July.

The outbreak has killed more than 4,500 people in West Africa, mostly in Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone.

An estimated 70% of those infected have died in those countries.

The WHO officially declared Senegal Ebola-free on Friday.

Meanwhile, European Union foreign ministers are meeting in Luxembourg to discuss how to strengthen their response to the threat posed by Ebola.


48 People Declared “In the Clear” From Ebola Following 21 Day Quarantine

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In the clear: First 48 people exposed to Ebola ‘patient zero’ – including his fiancée and her children – emerge from quarantine after being declared disease free following 21-day incubation period 


Ahahahahahahaha – I See Right Through This Douchebag

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Look at this guy. Does the term DOUCHEBAG not come to mind when you see him? I haven’t told you a thing about him, but I bet 75% of you asked yourselves, “who’s this douchebag?” He just has that sort of douchebag persona. It punctures through pixels on a screen. Some people can’t help it. It’s like punchable face. He he has douchebag face.


This is Michael Mark Cohen. Michael Mark… Cohen. He even has a douchebag name. The names Michael, Mark, or Cohen aren’t douchey. It’s just douchey to go around calling yourself Michael Mark Cohen, like a trumpet jingle precedes your entrance.

When you look like a douchebag, you compound the douchebaggery and send it into the stratosphere of douchebaggedness by availing the three name option that 99.9999999% of non-douchebags forgo. Do I really want to do extra work when trying to get this douchebag’s attention? Am I expected to call him Michael Mark? If not, why am I even being told about the Mark part? I know why. Because he’s a douchebag.

So why am I writing about this douchebag? Because he is advocating that the term “douchebag” be used, exclusively, as an epithet to describe all white people. In his words it’s “The White Racial Slur We’ve All Been Waiting For.”

Let me tell you what is going on, if you haven’t already figured it out. HE’S a douchebag. He’s been called a douchebag his entire life. Now he wants all white people to be called douchebags in order to “spread the douchebag slur around.” That way, when he’s called a douchebag, and it will happen again soon, I assure you, he can say, “well, aren’t we all?”

No, we’re not, Michael Mark, you are.

Bullpen Stuff

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Don’t miss these additional Bullpen story submissions by our wonderful readers -


-Apple’s Snooping My Porn Searches

In Yosemite, all Safari web searches are sent to not only the search engine you’ve selected (e.g., Google,…

-Obama Makes Rare Campaign Appearance; People Leave Early

This was in Upper Marlboro, MD, right outside D.C. The worm is definitely turning.

-Lucy (Lib) and Linus (Not Lib) Discuss Politics (Cartoons) 

In a classic series of lib versus reality discussions, Linus and Lucy (and Charlie Brown) discuss political…

-Ebola in NYC

The CDC released a report titled ‘Surveillance and Preparedness for Ebola Virus Disease — New York…

-Party At The Sistine Chapel? Can Naming Rights Be Far Behind?

Should the Sistine Chapel be rented out for a corporate party being thrown by Porsche? For the first…

The stories can be seen HERE



CDC doled out $25 million in bonuses while blaming cuts for Ebola outbreak

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Wa Times

Top public health officials have collected $25 million in bonuses since 2007, carving out extra pay for themselves in tight federal budgetary times while blaming a lack of money for the Obama administration’s lackluster response to the Ebola outbreak.

U.S. taxpayers gave $6 billion in salaries and $25 million in bonuses to an elite corps of health care specialists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since 2007, according to data compiled by American Transparency’s OpenTheBooks.com, an online portal aggregating 1.3 billion lines of federal, state and local spending. The agency’s head count increased by 23 percent during that time, adding manpower and contributing to higher payrolls despite relatively flat funding. Full Story

Obola Clears Room Early at Massachusetts Fundraiser

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Democrats have a history of not turning up to vote in midterm elections.

“There are no excuses. The future is up to us,” Obama said.

A steady stream of people walked out of the auditorium while he spoke, however, and a heckler interrupted his remarks.


Hat Tip/ Bitterclinger Via iOTWreport

Obama declares November 4th a National Day of Quarantine

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The People’s Cube

Chairman Meow


Full Story

Sam’s Club Writes Check To Mosque Named After Military Wing of HAMAS

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ht/ Ellen S

If You Enjoy The Kind of Video…

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…that shows an inept purse snatcher whiff at his attempt to steal a lady’s bag, try and play it off as if he was joking, try again, whiff again, try to run away, get his hands stuck in the bus doors, then cry like a pussy when the bus driver starts beating on him with a club, then

this video is for you.