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Toys in the Basement

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NY Post-

Doctors treating a woman for severe weight loss and lethargy were shocked to discover she had a sex toy stuck inside her — and it had been in place for a decade.

According to the Toronto Sun, citing a report in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the Scottish woman took herself to the hospital complaining that she was tired, incontinent, and losing weight.

Upon examination, doctors were surprised to find a five-inch sex toy protruding into her bladder from her vagina.

The 38-year-old reported using the toy one drunken night with her partner 10 years ago, noting she couldn’t remember whether she had removed it.

Medical staff said the woman suffered a so-called “vesicovaginal fistula”, an abnormal tract that allows urine to flow into the vagina.


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Holy Christ

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Dedicated To Jan Schakowsky – Ramen Noodle Manufacturing

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Eastwood Says, “Make My Day”

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Concealed Carry Hero Nabs Five Fugitives Who Eluded Police


Photo Flop

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e44096c0-0cf0-11e4-99da-5d3259a6d2fa_14358465770_51874b04f9_oMichelle photo op that I fixed for her -



Here’s a post title you won’t see a lot – “Anti-Semitic New York Cupcake Company is Obsessed With ‘Assrape”

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Story here – Via American Glob and Instapundit

Whistleblowers flood VA with lawsuits

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Whistleblowers flood VA with lawsuits despite apology

Ex-employees claim retaliation for workplace complaints.

Saying sorry isn’t proving enough for the troubled Department of Veterans Affairs.

An apology from a senior VA official earlier this month failed to prevent a spate of employment-related federal lawsuits from former employees who claim they faced retaliation after lodging workplace complaints, a review of court records shows.

The complaints include the case of a former staff psychologist in South Dakota who says she was punished for calling attention to building problems that were making people physically ill.

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Punchable Face Round 4

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alan colmes

chris  matthews

punchable Face round 4

winner of round 3 can be seen HERE


winner of punchable face contest – round 3

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Jan Schakowsky Brand TV Dinners

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The TV dinner for the minimum wage earner -



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Astute Bloggers

The Australian Telegraph reported that a Muslim’s been charged with marrying off his young daughter, and the “husband” was charged with illegal sexual activity:

In a case that has brought awareness of secret child brides in Australia, the girl’s father and the 26-year-old man she “wed” were charged in February over numerous child sex offences.

Documents that formed part of a successful apprehended violence order application by police at the time against the girl’s “husband” state that the young girl “believed or had been informed that sharia law overrides the Australian law”.

Correction: she’d been indoctrinated and lied to.

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I’m putting this up with no editorializing

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Please, anyone who knows what this is already, please do not screw it up and blurt it out in the comments. We will explain later.

Here is a weekly menu. What do you think of it?

Okay. Here’s the update:

Members of congress took the minimum wage challenge in order to put on display the HORRORS of having to spend “only” $77 a week on food. This is what Jan Shithouse-sky (D-shitcago) ate for a week.

My God, get them to a hospital!!! No aged beef and imported cheese!?!!?

This is what I eat, ya bastids, and it’s not because I make minimum wage, it’s because energy prices and taxes are so friggin high, food costs a fortune.

These congressassholes eat better at the buffet line at their fund raisers than I ever do. And that food gets tossed at the end of the night.

LOWER MY TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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pic Via Twitchy

From Stink Progress -

Ted Strickland, now president of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, has had eggs and toast, a bowl of cereal with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and a banana. On Monday, he came to work with a bologna and cheese sandwich and a banana. “I’m not sure what I’m going to have for supper,” he told ThinkProgress.

This is not a typical menu for him. But given that he can only spend $77 a week while he’s taking the challenge, which asks lawmakers to live on a typical full-time minimum wage minus average taxes and housing expenses for a week, he has to “be sensitive about everything that I buy.” Eggs are fairly cheap, he reasoned, and “I have found out that bananas don’t cost a whole lot, so I stocked up on bananas.” He hasn’t eaten any other fruits or salads because they’re too expensive. For the remaining five days of his challenge, “I don’t think I’ll be eating very healthy,” he said. “Bologna’s a lot cheaper than ham. I’ve been eating quit a bit of bread.”

He’s also had to give up some pleasures. “I was walking by a nice restaurant last night near my apartment and people were sitting outside and eating nice food and drinking,” he said. “I was thinking, ‘You know what would be nice? To have a cold beer.’ But you know, I didn’t. Ordinarily I would, but if you don’t have much money there’s a lot of things you can’t do.”


LOWER MY TAXES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And, by the way. $77 a week is plenty of money if you know how to shop and cook.

On Hard Drive Crashes

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I looked it up, and hard drive scratches are actually pretty common… though mainly among people trying to destroy their hard drive. – Frank Fleming IMAO


Punchable Face Round 3

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karl rove

18erun95q5e3ojpgjaneane garofalo

Punchable Face round 3

winner of round 2 can be seen HERE


Punchable Face Winner Round 2

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cschuck schumer


Biden Makes Gaffe of all Gaffes

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He says he should have had “one Republican kid who went out and made money.”


Think about what he is saying.

You Mean the Crisis You Created?

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Nancy Pelosi on Border: ‘Use This Crisis’ to Pass Immigration Reform

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) wants Democrats to “use this crisis” on the border to pass comprehensive immigration legislation — just as immigration hawks fear they’ll do.

“The most important thing that we can do to use this crisis as an opportunity is to pass comprehensive immigration reform,” Pelosi told reporters in Texas while discussing the border crisis. Of the House Republican Working Group’s proposal, she said she needed to see “what the amount is, hopefully with no offsets, hopefully with no language that changes immigration.”


Harry Reid Must Have Simply Forgotten About This Guy When Railing Against the Dangers of Big Money and Politics

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Michelle Malkin for national review-

Philip Gara LaMarche is a secretive political operative who funnels billions of dollars from undisclosed donors to nonprofits and astroturf groups. But you won’t hear unhinged Harry Reid railing Queegishly about him on the Senate floor. Why?

Here’s why: