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Al Gore Fraud

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How long are we going to give Algore before we have him executed?


Reporter Asks Man Protesting Illegal Border Crossings If He’s a Racist

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This interview didn’t go that well.


Want to see what the d-bag losers who vandalized C. Steven Tucker’s property look like?

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Yep, that seems about right.



EX-CIA employee admits President Obama is a “radical Islamic” enemy of America -

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“Radical” is such a ridiculous adjective. It is pure Islam, authentic Islam — there is nothing radical or un-Islamic about jihad.

Obama’s father was a Muslim, which de facto makes him a Muslim, and he is considered Muslim in the Muslim world. Take, for example, Meriam Ibrahim. Her mother was Christian and raised her a Christian. She married a Christian, lives in America and has Christian children. But when she returned to Sudan to visit family, she was arrested for “apostasy” — in other words, for leaving Islam. She was nine months pregnant and forced to give birth with her legs shackled, leaving her baby deformed. This is Islamic law. She is considered a Muslim even though she has never been a Muslim, because her father was a Muslim.

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Where Did America Go Off the Rails?

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I think if historians weren’t so into self-preservation they would accurately pinpoint it to the day that leftist douchebaggery wasn’t immediately stomped out the moment it saw the light of day.

This was radical at one time. Now it’s completely normalized.



Wanna Smell Like the Internet?

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PUBLISHED by catsmob.com

No Pakistanis

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The Brits didn’t listen to The Beatles’ advice back in the 60s

Dems More Afraid of Climate Change Than ISIS

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Never mind the fact that they’re beheading captives and videotaping it for the world to see, or that they’re brutally murdering their way through Iraq and Syria, or even that they’re sending taunting tweets showing they’re already here and warning that an attack on the homeland is imminent. Nope, that’s not enough for Democrats, who, in a recent Pew poll, said that climate change is more of a threat to the U.S. than ISIS.

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Chowderhead Confirms What Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller Have Maintained All Along, But Have Been Mocked By Know-Nothings

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Take note Geraldo. Take note MSNBC, CNN and every other leftist apologist.

There is no radical Islam.

There is no moderate Islam.

Islam is Islam.

And we are seeing what Islam is every day when we witness beheadings and homicide bombings and rockets lobbed into Israel – the relentless pursuit of a world caliphate by any means necessary.

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This Ferguson Tee Shirt Doesn’t Top the ISIS One, But It’s Right Up There

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See the new audacious teeshirt at Fire Andrea Mitchell



NYC Denny’s Goes Upscale

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Denny’s Goes Upscale With $300 Champagne Brunch in NYC


Denny’s Corp., the restaurant chain known for dishes such as the Grand Slam and Moons Over My Hammy, is opening its first diner in New York City.


The restaurant opens at 5 a.m. today on the ground-floor of a luxury residential building on Nassau Street in lower Manhattan, across from City Hall and just north of Wall Street. The diner will offer a full bar with Prosecco on tap and a $300 brunch for two that includes a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne. The interior will be upmarket as well, with copper-stamped ceilings, wood paneling and leather booths.


Denny’s, which started as a California coffee shop in 1953, has been trying to update its image and is working with franchises across the U.S. to modernize restaurants that, in many cases, are more than two decades old, said Malcolm Knapp, a restaurant-industry consultant in New York.


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Rep. David Valadao (R-Bakersfield) lashed out at Democrats, including congressional opponent Amanda Renteria, on California’s urgent drought problem, saying Democrat policies will fail to provide relief for millions of Central Valley residents living with severe water shortages.

“Our forefathers expected droughts, we went through droughts, and we always prepared for the next one because there was always another one coming,” Valadao told The Hill this week. “And that’s why we built the infrastructure, the reservoirs, the canals, and all those types of things.”


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Al Gore Thought The Arctic Ice Cap Might Be Gone by Now

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Wearing Blue and Black Only Is How I Get Things Done – Barack Obama

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Screen Sho31 at 7.28.03 AM

The LEAST-STOLEN car in the US

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Doug Ross

The Tesla Electric Scam-mobile

Slate Magazine calls taxpayer subsidies of Elon Musk’s Tesla swindle “worse than Solyndra”.

Without massive redistribution and subsidies, the Tesla Sedan would probably sticker for $400,000. And it would still be worth about $18,000.

Car thieves have confirmed its value, it would appear.
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Devoted pit bull saves boy from attacking bees by dragging him away by his pant leg as he was stung 24 times

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Boy’s best friend! 

Jesse-Cole Shaver - dog - bees- COMP.jpg

Jesse-Cole Shaver, 8, from Oregon, was out with friends in a local wood, exploring a creek, when someone stepped on a rotten log unleashing a swarm of bees. The attack left Jesse unable to climb up the hill to safety. But luckily his pit bull Hades came to the rescue. The terrified children were down a steep embankment

An American Family

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UPDATE: This guy is currently at about 100k on a crowd-funding page. Why??? Because he’s gay? Are you kidding me? He’s a moocher! And there are morons out there willing to shovel over cash because he’s not allowed to squat in mom’s or stepmom’s  basement. There are 100′s of thousands of kids where this is the case. What’s the wrinkle here, that he takes it in the pooper?


This is tough to listen to. Listening to a family falling apart, for whatever reason, is not feel-good entertainment.

This starts out as a discussion where a stepmother asks a gay son to move out of the house because she doesn’t want  her friends to think she condones homosexuality. And then it escalates.

Frankly, the son seems like an ungrateful sack of …

In one of his arguments, where he dismisses his father, he says, “providing food and shelter is not raising a child!!!”

Well, yes. Yes it is. In fact, knowing how his family feels about his lifestyle he still asks if he can move to the basement. That’s how important shelter is in terms of support.

We all know how he defines support. Everyone was supposed to cheerlead that he’s gay. They were supposed to be proud. They were supposed to treat his relationships just like his siblings’ relationships. When they were unwilling, or unable to do that, suddenly everything else- food, clothing, shelter, doctors, schooling, toys, whatever – goes out the window.

He wants it all. Well, don’t we all want it all? Sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way.

Next up on the left’s laundry list of social engineering – You cannot throw a kid out of the house based on sexual orientation discrimination.

Mother Jones’ Pillow Biting Headline Is Accurate For Most of Their Readership

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better than you

MoJo’s headline is accurate when you consider their viewership.

But did the bootlickers at Mother Jones ever stop to think that The Messiah is most likely a reader?

Here’s a pic for them to update their post with.