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The Left Can’t Help Themselves – They Even Slant a Story About the Shooting of a Dog

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First I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version of the story.

A family was throwing a birthday party and they heard 2 gunshots outside. Their dog jumped the fence and ran up to a guy walking his dog. The guy pulled out his gun and shot the dog twice, killing him.

Terrible story.

TPM is all over it, calling the guy a concealed carry asshole with a small dick, etc.

“This is why we need to repeal the 2nd amendment!!”

You know the drill.

But that’s not why I’m posting this.

This is why -

This is the picture of  a dog that TPM used for the article on their home page -

TPM hPActual picture of the dog from another news source -



What is their malfunction? Just what goes on in between their waxy dirty ears? Why do they have to be disingenuous with everything they touch? They cannot simply present a story without extreme prejudice. It’s a mental illness, I tell ya.



Complaints Got This Comic Book Cover Banned

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Comic book artists are doing away with any suggestion that the characters are wearing anything at all.

Banned Comic Book Cover

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SPIDERWOMAN00ManaraI never felt my Spidey sense in my pants before.


ht/ illustr8r



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Great – I Just Sprained My Temporal Lobe Because of This Feminist Moron

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Try and follow this logic. I’m warning you, before you read it, have an aspirin or two… bottles.

I ‘Would’ve Died’ For My Aborted Daughter’s ‘Right To Choose,’ Just ‘Like She Died For Mine’




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Was Pinko in Denver?

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Drag racer flips his wife’s 55 chevy… a lot.



The BFH Pet Portrait Project Continues

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This is Chili. The reader can “come out” as the owner if they wish to.

(christmas is coming, just sayin’. If you want a portrait contact me at  bigfurhat.mail@gmail.com)


Bomb squad called in for old metal lunchbox

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A student’s 1950s-style lunch box left unattended caused a panic.



Superintendent Steven Keifer said police arrived, took a look at the suspicious item and immediately called the bomb squad.

Before the bomb squad arrived, school officials determined that the item was an old-style metal lunch box, similar to those used by construction workers in the 1950s, and it belonged to a student, Keifer said.


Then they opened the box and saw a pop tart eaten into the shape of a gun and a S.W.A.T. team was called in.

Then they saw a piece of fudge and Michelle Obama was called in.

Then they saw a Redskins pennant and the DOJ was called in.

Then they saw some gay magazine and the kid was elected Homocoming Queen.

All true.

Turning Americans into Snitches for the Police State

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“There were relatively few secret police, and most were just processing the information coming in. I had found a shocking fact. It wasn’t the secret police who were doing this wide-scale surveillance and hiding on every street corner. It was the ordinary German people who were informing on their neighbors.”—Professor Robert Gellately

If you see something suspicious, says the Department of Homeland Security, say something about it to the police, call it in to a government hotline, or report it using a convenient app on your smart phone.

Full Story

“Why I Want My Sons to See Me Naked.”

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Screen Shot


Rita Templeton claimed that the decision to be nude around her boys wasn’t premeditated. Well that’s a relief at least. Instead, she said she was taking a shower one day and she took her youngest boy into the bathroom with her to keep an eye on him while she showered. While reaching for a towel, her son on the bathmat staring up at her she thought, “If I cover up in front of them and try to be modest then they will never see what a “real woman” looks like.” In her article she further explained that, “before they’re exposed to boobs that are as round and firm as cantaloupes and pictures of taut, airbrushed, dimple-less butts — I’m exposing them to a different kind of female body. Mine.”


Next up-

“I want my sons to bang me.

If I let them have sex with a young girl they will never see what a “real woman” feels like.”

Keep a close eye on this lunatic.


10 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Hillary

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http://www.indecisionforever.com/files/2013/02/HillaryClinton-570x320.jpg Full Story

New App – Vomitr

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I’m sorry, it’s called Cuddlr, and it’s an app perfectly designed for progressives who think of such things all day long, because they’re needy, vapid and childish.

Daily Mail

Cuddlr matches people who want ‘no-pressure intimacy’

Cuddlr is a location-based meeting service that connects and matches people who want to hug strangers.

The app encourages you to hug any age or gender user, regardless of whether you find them attractive or not, and provides ‘gentle, no-pressure intimacy.’

Each request is sent with a brief message, such as ‘let’s meet at the park’ or ‘I’m wearing a green shirt’.

When users decide to have a cuddle, the app also gives walking directions to each other, so they can meet up.

‘It’s a way of finding people near you who are up for a cuddle, without any pressure or expectation,’ said the developers.

‘Our culture doesn’t have a space for closeness without pressure.

However, in the event of an awkward or inappropriate cuddle, one user can report the other.
Read more: 

I have some more ideas:


Tree Huggr





White House will now lock the front door

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But not our borders


The White House on Monday said it would do what most homeowners practice to secure their property: Lock the front door.

“After Friday night’s incident, when the door is not in use, it will be secured,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest, clarifying that officials would, in fact, lock the door.

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Pelosi Doll

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The Fickle Finger of Fate

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Tonight’s Soothiness by FDR in Hell

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Burn Down the Windmill

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