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SHOCK: Israelis line up Muslims next to mass graves and execute them

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Doug Ross

Did I say “Israelis”?

My mistake.

I meant to say “Muslims

I posted this video on the previous post. Youtube removed it, probably due to mass reporting for horror in content. The last part of the video actually does contain a great deal of harsh violence. But this violence is the modus operandi of the muslims who are taking over more and more parts of Iraq and Syria.

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Last Crew Member of Enola Gay Dies in Georgia

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The last surviving member of the crew that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, hastening the end of World War II and forcing the world into the atomic age, has died in Georgia.

Theodore VanKirk, also known as “Dutch,” died Monday of natural causes at the retirement home where he lived in Stone Mountain, Georgia, his son Tom VanKirk said. He was 93.

VanKirk flew nearly 60 bombing missions, but it was a single mission in the Pacific that secured him a place in history. He was 24 years old when he served as navigator on the Enola Gay, the B-29 Superfortress that dropped the first atomic bomb deployed in wartime over the Japanese city of Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945.

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Cage Match #3

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Punchable Face Cage Match #3

Winner of round 2


Winner of Punchable Face Cage Match #2

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IRS GUY – Koskinen

Now, this is offensive redskin

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NFL lineman sued for ‘giving ex-girlfriend herpes and telling her the red sores on his genitals were from a zipper accident’

  • Accused: Thomas dated the woman during his NFL stint with the San Diego Chargers in 2010. The player spent the first four years of his NFL career with the Chargers before deciding to go across the country to join the Pittsburgh Steelers last yearCam Thomas, 27, is a nose tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Woman claiming to be his ex-girlfriend suing for giving her genital herpes when they dated in 2010
  • Claims Thomas said the ‘puss-filled bumps on his buttocks and inner thigh’ were the result of sweat buildup and a zipper accident

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The Beast

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Gilligan’s Islam

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Hillary Claims Hamas Uses Human Shields Because Gaza is Small

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American Glob-

 Yeah… that’s why they do it…

What a stunningly stupid thing to say.

This is so dumb it sounds like something Saturday Night Live would falsely attribute to Sarah Palin.

See here


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Put these groups in the order that reflects how much you despise them.

Starting with the group you loathe most, put them in descending order. IE: B, D, A, C…




Does this kind of diversity and multi-culturalism bring a tear to a progressive nitwit’s eye? I want to know.

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Pamela Geller - Al Qaeda and Islamic State flags in London’s tunnels

hat tip to AmericanPowerBlog who has another video of ISIS flags flying in Europe

Author Preston Fleming Has Extended An Invitation To iOwnTheWorld Readers

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Mr. Fleming says – “Wow, BigFurHat, I’m impressed by your readers’ rapid and enthusiastic responses!”

So, he will exchange a book for an earnest review, from all takers. This is quite a generous offer.

For a free download you can contact Mr. Fleming directly at preston@prestonfleming.com

Also – Here is a link to Forty Days At Kamas by Preston Fleming if you’re interested in buying a copy.


Who wants to be a book reviewer?

2 volunteers will receive a free copy for review. Your  commentary will be published on iOTW.

First two who say “I’ll do it,” will be put in contact with the author.


Inspired by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s account of a Soviet labor camp revolt in Gulag Archipelago, Volume III, the story of FORTY DAYS AT KAMAS follows political prisoners and security officials at a corrective labor camp in Kamas, Utah, where inmates seize control during the summer of 2024.

Kamas, Utah. 2024. In the totalitarian dystopia that America has become after the Unionist Party’s rise to power, the American West contains vast Restricted Zones dotted with ghost towns, scattered military garrisons and corrective labor camps where the regime disposes of its real and suspected enemies. Kamas is one such camp.

On a frigid March night, a former businessman from Pittsburgh, Paul Wagner, arrives at a labor camp in Utah’s Kamas Valley, a dozen miles east of the deserted resort town of Park City, which prisoners are dismantling as part of a massive recycling project.

When Wagner arrives, he is unaware that his eleven-year-old daughter, Claire, has set off to Utah to find him after becoming separated from her mother at the Philadelphia Airport. By an odd quirk of fate, Claire has traveled on the same train that carried her father into internal exile.

Only after Wagner has renounced all hope of survival, cast his lot with anti-regime hard-liners and joined them in an unprecedented and suicidal revolt does he discover that Claire has become a servant in the home of the camp’s Deputy Warden. Wagner is torn between his devotion to family and loyalty to his fellow rebels until, on the eve of an armored assault intended to crush the revolt, he faces an agonizing choice between a hero’s death and a coward’s freedom.

In FORTY DAYS AT KAMAS, author Preston Fleming offers a stirring portrait of a man determined to survive under the bleakest of conditions and against formidable odds. Fleming’s gift for evocative prose brings the characters and events to life in a way that arouses emotional tension while also engaging the reader’s intellect with fundamental questions about the future of American society.

- Preston Fleming

1st World Problems – “Climate Change”

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Environmental Groups Tend To Be Pretty Darned White And Rich


How Come No Report of This From Glenn Beck’s “Fact Finding Mission/Soccer Ball Giveaway”?

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Bachmann: ‘We Saw Border Processing, Not Border Security’


Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), recently returned from a trip to the Southwest border, says no one is being turned away:

“We saw border processing, not border security,” Bachmann said in a news release describing her trip to Brownsville, McAllen and Laredo.

“While the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Agency performs admirably on a daily basis, their purpose has become people processing — not stopping foreign nationals from unauthorized entry into the U.S.

“Currently, not one person who attempts to come into the country is stopped; instead, they are taken to a processing center before a decision is made if they will be allowed to stay,” she added.


Daddy Will Show You the Sun Next Week If You’re A Good Little Girl

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HealthCare.gov tweeted out an extremely creepy tweet, implying that “Daddy’s Little Girl” should extend forever, and that perhaps daddy has his little girl in a pit in the basement.

We’re not sure if daddy refers to the State, or one’s actual biological father. Either way, the infantilizing of America is depressing.

Story at TWITCHY. (The GOV deleted the tweet.)fdlg

New York bar forced to remove ‘no Irish drunks’ sign after outrage from customers

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A sign in the window at The Dock bar in Montauk, New York read 'No Irish Drunks' along with no yapping mutts and no screaming kids


Hillary on Warpath – Says “Redskins” is an Insensitive Name

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Well, I feel their pain.

Washington Times

Hillary Clinton is now joining fellow Democrats in condemning the Redskins’ name as “insensitive.”

Speaking with Fusion TV’s Jorge Ramos, the former secretary of state said she “would love to see” the NFL team’s owners change the name to something less offensive to Native Americans.

“I think there’s no reason for it to continue as the name of a team in our nation’s capital,” she said.

Asked if she had any ideas for a replacement name, Mrs. Clinton responded: “No. No. I haven’t thought a lot about that.”

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How about the DC Cankles?

The Washington Knee Pads?

Washington Inside Hers?

Punchable Face Cage Match #2

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Cage Match #2

Winner of Cage Match 1 HERE