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Tonight’s Soothiness by Bayouwulf

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Kids getting stuck in stuff

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Via Mommy Has A Potty Mouth

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What’s Wrong with the Right

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Pamela Geller -

There’s a war raging, and the right thinks that if it doesn’t engage or doesn’t show up, then that war doesn’t exist. How irrational. If you don’t show up, you forfeit, and the right is forfeiting. Anytime someone takes a bold or brave stance against statism or collectivism, or against jihad and Sharia, they suffer withering attacks from both outside the movement and inside the movement.

The leadership on the right does not understand its own philosophy. They do not understand free markets, capitalism and individual rights. If they did, they would be more ferocious, fiercer and more courageous in the fight for freedom and equality of rights before the law against the second-handers, moochers, and looters on the left.

The right appears to be waiting for Godot. But he ain’t coming. The right is on life support at a time when it should be standing in defense of free speech. This most certainly should be our issue, our moment. There have been these moments in American history when right and wrong, good and evil were very clearly defined. The Republican Party was born at such a moment. We elected Lincoln at such a moment, and we took the country back from the slave party, the Democrats, at such a moment.

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Elderly Man Calls Ambulance for Wife with Dementia, Cops Show Up and Beat Him

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It seems more and more these days that if you think a loved one is in danger in America, calling the cops should be your absolute last possible resort.

Missourian Elbert Breshears recently called for an ambulance because his elderly wife, who suffers dementia, had endured an episode and knocked a window out of their home.

According to ABC affiliate KSPR33 and unfortunately for Breshears, the cops showed up before the ambulance did:

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Move Update

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Update – Meerkat for the win. I think. There’s stipulations and stuff.

Let’s see what the Kat says in the comments.


My house is sold. I’m heading out Monday. I’m heading for sunny climes.

I realize now that I don’t need my BigFurHat (my Ushanka.)

I’m auctioning it off for gas money. I can send it out Monday, my last mailing from the old PO Box. It’ll be signed and dated to commemorate my Yankee exodus.

Auction ends tomorrow 8PM et.


Federal Bureaucracy Says Attorney-Client Privilege is Dead

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Doug Ross 

Guest post by Simon Black

In the Land of the Free, people grow up hearing a lot of things about their freedom.

You’re told that you live in the freest country on the planet. You’re told that other nations ‘hate you’ for your freedom.

And you’re told that you have the most open and fair justice system in the world.

This justice system is supposedly founded on bedrock principles– things like a defendant being presumed innocent until proven guilty. The right to due process and an impartial hearing. The right to counsel and attorney-client privilege.

Yet each of these core pillars has been systematically dismantled over the years:

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Loud Mouth Harry Reid

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Testimony of Hell

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CA unemployment: 8.1

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Breitbart CA

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The tyranny of the organic mommy mafia

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The tyranny of the organic mommy mafia

“Am I going to be an outcast?” A friend, who recently moved to an upscale neighborhood in Madison, Wis., called me last week to ask if she would be able to make mommy friends if she continued feeding her children — gasp! — non-organic food.

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North Carolina For the Win

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Fred Barnes declares that the Democrats have to hold Kay Hagen’s Senate seat in North Carolina if they have any chance of keeping the Senate.  He already figures Republicans will pick up West Virginia, South Dakota, Montana, Louisiana and Arkansas.

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Mass Cattle Graves at Bundy

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Torey Dawn sent these in - they are hosted on Facebook.


Laney Ranch, The New Bundy?

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Serial Knockout Game Artist

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This is in Rikers Island. The guy is there for punching 2 other women in a train station earlier in the week.

He causes multiple fractures in this woman’s face and breaks her jaw.