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YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE — iOwnTheWorld Is Now iOTWreport.com

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Thank you for your continued patience in regards to iOwnTheWorld’s recent technical difficulties. We are humbled that so many of you have stuck by us through thick and thin, and the time is now to put the database errors in the rearview mirror.

The retooled iOwnTheWorld- iOTWreport – reflects a continuing commitment to our readers. We are always striving to be bigger, faster, stronger.

Our name has changed but our essence has not because our essence has always been our readership. We will continue to make the site all about you by expanding the role of the reader, opening up a section to reader rants and editorials, and of course continuing our contests and creating new unique opportunities for giveaways.

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Your Voice Counts – PolitOpinion.com

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New polling, discussion website. Check it out here.

Why Does Fox Have an Audience?

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Because Fox will not sit on stories that put progressives in a bad light, like virtually every other outlet does. That’s why we go there.

When Ben Bradlee finally died- yes I said finally, the guy was a crooked journalist – some news outlets made references to  Bradlee suppressing stories about “his good buddy” JFK. Yet, he was the only news outlet that kept digging and digging and digging trying to get something, anything, on Nixon. (When you watch All the President’s Men, the movie tries to suggest that they had no idea the operation would go as high as Nixon, and they were just “following leads wherever they may go.” That’s horsehockey. The mission from very early on was to see if it could get to Nixon.) Watergate pails in comparison to over a half dozen Obama scandals that I could rattle off the top of my head as a sit here. Where’s the Washington Post?

Bradlee’s job was supposed to be the watchdog over all government, but he was in the protection racket for half the politicians out there. What he practiced is not journalism. He was more of a hack district attorney, giving free passes to cronies and looking for anything and everything on political foes – sorta like Eric Holder.

Read about the “great” Ben Bradlee here. Good riddance.

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They Say He’s a Dreamer… And He’s Not the Only One

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Illegal alien, deported twice,  shoots cop.

Breitbart reports - border-patrol-arrest-reuters

Marcelo Marquez allegedly shot and killed a Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy and a Placer County Sheriff’s Deputy, and also allegedly shot and wounded a second Placer County deputy and a civilian on Friday. On Saturday, authorities revealed that the suspect — real name, Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte — had already been deported twice from the United States.

According to Sacramento’s KCRA, he was “sent back in to Mexico in 1997 and again in 2001.”

The 1997 deportation was the result of “conviction in Arizona…on charges of possession of narcotics for sale.” He was arrested stateside in 2001 as well.


How To Win Blogger Friends And Influence People

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Act fast and you can get on the list!!!


Greens Licking Their Lips Over Carbon Tax Revenues

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A recent blog post on Sightline, an environmental blog in the Northwest, celebrated the gusher of dependable revenue to Washington State flowing from a steep carbon tax. The post showcases just why a carbon tax is a dangerous policy. As we at IER have been warning for years, the advocates of a carbon tax are fooling themselves if they think it will be calibrated to the “optimal” level reflecting the “negative externality” of greenhouse gas emissions. continue reading

Wendy Davis Campaign Misrepresents Young Republicans’ Pic as Pro-Davis Supporters

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Geez, just throw in the towel already Wendy Davis, this is getting more and more pathetic by the day. The campaign tweeted out a picture of supposed supporters, but they turned out to be Republicans who posted a pic of their knocking on doors in Virginia for candidate Ed Gillespie:



Healthcare.gov Down For ‘Weekend’ Scheduled Maintenance… On a Wednesday

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Weekly Standard-

Healthcare.gov continues to prepare for open enrollment beginning on November 15, hoping to avoid a repeat of the disastrous launch in 2013. Apparently the preparations include extra “scheduled” maintenance. Wednesday morning, the site displayed a message reading, “The system isn’t available right now. We’re performing scheduled maintenance. Learn more.” The message was posted on the site some time Tuesday evening:



Why is Sharpton Going To Ferguson Before The Elections?

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Al Sharpton is heading to Ferguson, Missouri, for the last few days before the midterm elections. Sharpton’s trip follows Sunday’s New York Times front page story on the importance of black turnout for the Democrats to keep control of the Senate.

From the Springfield News Leader: continue reading

Non-”Senseless” Violence

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The man shot dead by the Canadian Parliament’s Serjeant-at-Arms has been named as Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, a man born in Quebec as Michael Joseph Hall and reported to be a “revert” to Islam. He killed Corporal Nathan Cirillo of the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (the Princess Louise’s). continue reading

Infectious Diseases Renamed in Honor of Barack Obama

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Global Warming Is Shrinking Goats!!!

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The Lid-

Incredible Shrinking Goats: The Latest Addition To The Official Stupid Things People Blame On Global Warming List

continue reading

Ferguson Eye Witnesses Confirm Darren Wilson Version of Shooting

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the Last Refuge-

Report: At Least Seven Or Eight Black Ferguson Eye Witnesses Confirm Darren Wilson Version of Shooting – Blood Splatter Shows Mike Brown Was Advancing On Officer Wilson….

Key Takeaways:

…”sources said blood spatter evidence shows that Brown was heading toward the officer during their face-off, but analysis of the evidence did not reveal how fast Brown was moving”…

…”Seven or eight African American eyewitnesses have provided testimony consistent with Wilson’s account, but none of them have spoken publicly out of fear for their safety”…



Mark Levin • Countdown To Election Day

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Noisy Room-